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me xx - October 26

hi all.. thanx in advance for all ur advice ..ok heres the cycles are normally around 35- 37 days....lmp was sept 1st.. 5 days heavy flow.. thats normal for me.. i chart with ff and on cd 32 (10dpo) temp dropped by .1 degree i started spotting..put a pad on n by the evening i had about a teaspoon of pinky discharge on the pad..put a clean pad on and went to bed took temp at normal time and it went up by .2 degrees.. still spotting.. but abit heavier and now its pinky red n stretching clear cm mixed in.. soz tmi i know but not as heavy as normal AF.. so i used 1 pad for the whole day... by the evening time i put a clean pad on and went to bed.. woke up on day 3 of the spotting / bleeding.. n its now lighten up again.. by lunch time of day 3 i had stopped all togeather.. so i had AF for 2.5 days b4 AF i had a few signs of preg.. cramps from ovulation day n still have them now.. it has been 20 days since my bleeding.. as i said i still have the cramps.. not bad but just real annoying.. i get heartburn every eveing around 7pm.. and for the past 2 weeks it feels like some one is sat on my chest.. bbs slightly sore but my whole chest area feels real heavy n achy.. peeing more than usual n for the past 3 nights i have been having vivid dreams... feel tired all the time n have now started napping during the day which is something i never do... i took a test 8 days after the bleedin/spotting.. and it was bfn.... do u think its worth taking a test again or should i wait till nxt af ttc and dont want to waste the only test i have got left....has anyone had a real achy chest area n got a BFP... i would love to have a BFP


rl - October 26

well if i were you I would wait until you are atleast a week late if you already got a bfn with the first test...just relax it seems like everyone that gets on here wants to take the test before they are late cause they have sore b___bs or whatever I am sorry I don't mean to sound harsh I know it is a very trying time when your ttc and I really wish you luck but just don't over think everything or it won't happen, for me I wrote down a date about a week past the date I was really suppose to start my cycle and then I really forgot I did that and ya know what by the time I thought I was only a day late I was really a week so I could test and I got a bfp!! Good luck sending baby dust your way


me xx - October 26

tahnx for ur advice.. im just abit concerned coz i had a weirf AF last month...


Mich - October 26

i didnt get a positive HPT until about 2 weeks after i was due. I had taken about 3 i think and they were all BFN. I still hadnt got it after 2 weeks so thought i would buy another and it was finally BFP! I wouldnt worry about testing again just yet or otherwise i would see your Dr for a blood test.



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