Need Advise On An Ultrasound

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Nat - April 5

I am 16 weeks pregnant. My doc told me way back at my first appointment (when I was 8 weeks) that I would not get to have an ultrasound until I was 20 weeks....I am a very impatient person and have been waiting to have an ultrasound since I found out I was pregnant...well I went to the mall and they have an ultrasound place there that only costs 50 bucks, and you get 10 minutes to see the ultrasound, 2 pictures to take home, and gender prediction if I want...I'm seriously thinking about going tomorrow and doing this...I know that 16 weeks is real early and I they may not be able to see the s_x of the baby that well, but even if they cannot tell, I still would like to know what my baby looks like so far..I have only got to hear the heartbeat 1 time, and it was only for a couple minutes...This will be my first child, 2nd pregnancy (lost the first one at 6 weeks) and I just would love to go get this ultrasound my question i guess is, has anyone ever done the ultrasound anywhere besides your dr. office? and I would like to know if you all think this is a good idea. I'm not worried about the money, my husband makes great money and has actually given me the 200 bucks to do the 3d u/s...but if I do this, I think I will just do the regular one and spend the rest on maternity clothes... :-) Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I would be very interested to hear what anyone thinks... :-)


Ginger - April 5

Hi Nat, i don't know why your doc only allow you to go for ultrasound at 20 weeks. Is it normal in your country. I stay in Asia and we are free to go for an ultrasound as early as 5 weeks. (of course we have to pay for it). I am 8 weeks and has gone for 2 already !! I am happy as it allows me to see what's happening in my belly and how the baby is doing. i was not told it is dangerous to do so. Maybe you should go for a second opinion. I understand it is really a drag and frustrating having to wait till 20 weeks !! Good luck !!


Leahp - April 5

Hi Nat, My doc only gives one ultrasound as well and the nurse said they give more than one for medical purposes only, so bascially you are in a low-risk pregnancy!! Which is a good thing!! I'm sixteen weeks too and my ultrasound is scheduled for end of April, but the thing that has kept me content is the doppler I rented off of sweetbeats, so I can at least listen to baby in the comfort of my own home!! It's been great! You don't have that much longer to go!!! Plus I would really check out that place before putting your trust in them!



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