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amy - October 5

I have a question i really need answered, i had my baby 4 months ago and my interest in s_x is just none, i even feel quite dry in that department. Has this happened to anyone and how long do i have to live like this. Any answers would be appreciated


: o - October 5

I was the same way. I was so much not in the mood, and so sensitive that it even hurt to be touched in the slightest way. I never even thought about s_x anymore. And it was very difficult to get in the mood even a little. I think it was due to the birth control, so I told my doctor on my next check up, and he gave me a new prescription. He told me that he didn't see why it was the pills, but he gave me a new one anyway. But then the new pills did about the same thing. It had to be the birth control, because I never had this problem before. Since I stopped taking them I didn't have any problems. I'd just not be in the mood all of the time. But that's how I've always been. Now I'm rarely in the mood, and just about feel the same way as then since I've gotten pregnant. I'm actually in the mood more when my husband's not around, and when I think of him. So I think it may be the hormones in the birth control you're taking if you're taking them. If not, I don't really know. Sorry.


from amy - October 5

thanks but i'm not on any birth control, have read its normal as eostrogen is low after child birth, just interested to know if its happened to many others and how long this will last


bump - October 6



Michelle - October 6

I am sooooooo glad to hear I am not the only one feeling this way. I had a baby 15 months ago and now pregnant again...23 weeks. I can't even tell you how I got pregnant again. I am never in the mood at all, very rarely. I was like : in the mood when I thought about my hubby and when he wasn't around. My husband actually got lucky last night :)~ Anyhow, I was never on birth control, but I was still never in the mood. I asked my doctor about it one time and she said most women are like that after they have babies. It takes about 2 years for the drive to really come back. Sucks, because I never used to be that way. I really miss enjoying s_x like I used too. I know that may sound tacky, but its true. ~sigh~ So here I am about 6 months pregnant and feeling bad for hubby. Thank god he is very understanding. I just feel bad. I can't wait for the day when things return to normal.


M - October 6

Try ky-jelly it works great


chalia - October 6

can i be pregnant even though i started my period


kate - October 6

it took me a year and a half to get my s_x drive back


Lisa - October 7

I like Tiffani's Wine always work and keep the KY by the night stand just incase.


amy - October 7

Thanks guys, just needed some rea__surance, the actual thought of anything in that region makes me cringe still, we have had s_x maybe twice since she was born 4 months ago, i am lucky he is understanding and wakes for work at 5.30 am so he usually is exhausted, had no idea it could take 13 months let alone a yr and a half, i read 6 months. Thanks tiffani, i will make sure to keep some alchohol in the house, think i am gonna need it, thank you all for now letting me know im not the only one this has happened too. Noone tells u the things that will happen after pregnancy, constipation, nil s_x drive etc etc, u unfortunately find out the hard way.......



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