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krista - October 10

i have taken two pregnancy test one 2 days after i missed my period in aug. and the second last week, the first one said i was pregnant but the line was really light so i just thought it was still early and last week with the second test the line was still really light any thoughts?


monique - October 10

i had the same problem, sometimes you have to wait until 6 weeks to test. HPT's are really only moneymakers. are you having any symptoms?


L - October 10

Unfortunately, I had similar results and I ended up have a miscarriage. It was faintly positive b/c the egg was fertilized & remained faintly positive while the egg was trying to attached to the uteran wall. After it did not attach properly, I miscarried. When the line does not increase in darkness it means your HCG level is not increasing like it should (HCG levels increase as a pregnancy progresses). You really need to get to an OB and don't delay.


Vi - October 10

I think you should call your doctor. It has been long enough. I am afraid that your pregnancy might be in trouble. However, I hope I am incorrect for your sake. The line should be darkening with time. HCG & progesterone levels via blood tests can confirm a pregnancy and even a pregnancy at risk. Your doctor must do these. Please remember, not every woman has pregnancy symptoms so you should not go by that. Call your doctor first thing tomorrow & get in there asap. Good luck, honey.


Janie - October 10

Well, you know you are pregnant. That's a fact. It does not matter how faint the line is. Any line means pregnant. The concern is that the line is not getting darker as the pregnancy matures. It should be getting darker. I am afraid that you might have a miscarriage since the line is not getting darker. I am not trying to scare you but I am trying to encourage you to get in to see a doctor soon. If miscarriage is lurking, a doctor can do certain things to attempt to save the pregnancy but you have to get in there first. I was in the same situation & they prescribed progesterone v____al suppositories. Unfortunately, I still lost the pregnancy at 7 wks but the doctor and I tried. I did not have any pregnancy symptoms until about 1 wk before I miscarried so you really cannot go by that. Also, some woman never have symptoms. Get to your doctor and good luck. My thoughts are with you.


Vicky - October 10

HCG levels are supposed to double every 48 hours if a pregnancy is viable. HCG levels that are increasing slowing, not increasing, or decreasing are most of the time due to a pregnancy not being viable. Sometimes though if HCG levels are only increasing slowing a pregnancy can still be sustained with proper medical care. Therefore, if your HCG level is increasing properly your urine test should making the line appear darker each time you retest regardless of the number of days b/t the testing. This is especially true since you already know you are pregnant. Don't waste your money on another HPT. Get in to your doctor so they can run blood tests. If your pregnancy is in trouble your doctor might be able to help since it is still early. Best of luck.


Holly - October 10

It could just be a chemical pregnancy that never took off. This happens frequently unfortunately. Make an appointment with a physician. A physician can do blood work that can let you know either way, chemical pregnancy vs. pregnancy vs. pregnancy terminating. If the pregnancy is terminating sometimes levels decrease or remain unchanged for a certain time period before bleeding begins. I don't mean to be negative but I think you should be prepared. Good luck........


Nicole - October 10

Not every woman has symptoms with pregnancy. I never had any & my pregnancy went well. Although I disagree that HPT's are only moneymakers I do realize they can be wrong especially if they are expired or not done properly. Since your line is not getting darker as time pa__ses you really need a doctor to run a blood test. This way they can understand what is really going on. I do believe you are pregnant though so Congrats! You never said whether or not you have had any spotting or bleeding? Most woman have slight spotting during implantation. Your line might not be getting darker because the egg has not implanted. Even if the egg has not implanted, HCG levels will be present b/c the egg is fertilized. Keep us posted & best wishes.


krista - October 11

well i have no spotting or bleeding and i am concerend about an etopic pregnancy because i am at greater risks for it and also for a misscarige due to a health problem i have. i am concered . my last period was aug. 10th shopuld i know something by now



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