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avsfan - May 6

I am 15 wks pregnant and for the past 24 hours I constantly feel like I have to pee. Even right after I go I feel like I have to again! It is very uncomfortable, and I don't think it is because of the baby already...could it be a bladder infection? Anyone know what it could be?


pbj - May 6

Really it could be either. Your baby, is laying very low right now, just above your bladder. If it were a bladder infection you would could possibly feel pain when you urinate, feel the need to urinate but not much comes out and usually with a bladder infection you will feel really uncomfortable/slight pain in your bladder as it feels completely full. It is very common to get bladder infections while pregnant, so I would suggest that you call your OB Monday morning to take a urine test just to be sure. You don't want it to get worse if it is. But seriously, it is not too early to have to pee all the time. Within the next month or so though your baby will start to move up into your abdomin and the constant urinating feeling could go away for awhile. (it didn't with me, but most women get a break for a while) It will return in the 3rd trimester, and it will be even worse than ever. Good luck


tiffiny090180 - May 8

Sounds like a urinary tract infection. Get your doc to collect a sample of urine, and he will know for sure. It can be harmful to baby so go soon!!


JESS1980 - May 8

Hi avsfan! I agree with pbj.....if you have a bladder infection or urinary tract infection there would be other signs. It would burn when you pee and your urine would be discolored. I am 24 weeks, and I have to pee all the time. But that started several weeks ago, so there's a good chance that it could be the baby. If you are really concerned, I would call your doctor.


avsfan - May 13

Thanks for the advice everyone...I did have a UTI, and am feeling much better now :)



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