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raniaj - July 3

I need your help. I need fertility treatment for my sister. We are finding a good clinic for her . I have read many good and bad reviews about lotus and Adonis clinic in Europe. Can anyone guide me with it? We are in need. We really need your help.


CleoMarvel - July 5

Hey there. I am 32 years old and infertile. I also wanted to go for surrogacy but i have had a very bad experience with Lotus. They are not very good a listening to my needs and communicating properly. So I would not recommend them to you.


jenn123 - July 18

Hey there! I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Facing infertility in itself takes a toll on a person. I think it's so sad that these clinics exist. They are just getting on my nerves. I feel bad. However, please don't lose hope. You are on the right track. You just need to get in contact with a better clinic. It's all going to be okay. There are much better ones in Ukraine itself. Do give it a try. Wishing you all the best!


Ms.Green - July 20

Hello Raniaj, hope you and your sister are fine. Buddy I have heard a lot of such comments too that I was very confused myself. I really want to have a child as my fist marriage didnt work out due to my infertility. I remarried afterwards and I badly want to have a child to make my bond stronger with my husband. We are in canada and had tried treatments there.I have heard from a friend in London that a Ukraine origin clinic named Biotexcom is coming to visit London UK on 18 and 18 august. For these two days they will have a sort of drill to share their treatment plans and give people a chance to sign contracts. There are limited seats available. So my friend wanted me to register myself as early as possible.I was not sure to do that and asked her to see if any professional is coming along. She told me that their qualified staff along with Anastasia the head of their Englsih Department are coming. They all are experienced and well qualified. After knowing this I emailed that clinic to register myself. I got an email confirming my resigistration within  2 minutes. The first impression is very positive and I am very excited to meet these people. 


AmandaK - July 26

Ranai, yes there is clinic other than Adonis and Lotus in Ukraine. I have an experience with both of them and trust me they all are frauds. Playing blame games over one another. However, I have found the best place for my inferilty to be Biotexcom. Guess what you don't have to go all the way to Ukraine for an initial consultation. They are coming to London for an open day event. they will be giving initial consultations on their two days visit 18/19 August 2018. If you are interested then register yourself at their website for more details as well.


CleoMarvel - July 30

Hello there. I am very sorry to see that your experience with the clinic didnt end well. I have  seen more and more comments lately and all are about the non professional conduct of these clinics. It is frustrating to get your hope high and then start to wait for nothing. I see you have asked for some recommendation. I couldnt stop myself from sharing this you. I had an amazing experience of surrogacy with Biotexcom in Ukraine and when i realized they are coming to Lodnon to provide open 2 day consultation on 18th and 19th of August, i wanted to post it here. They will have Anastasia, their English head, with them. They will also provide the facility of signing contracts at the spot. So i urge you to try them out and get registered asap. It is too good an opportunity to miss. I would have loved to save a trip to Ukraine. Good luck!


Augustina - July 31

Hey Raniaj! Hope you are doing well! I am so sorry about your bad experiences from such clinics! I myself had been the victim of clinic L***s! I don't know where to start! I feel like shievering when I even think about it! They have decieved us! They have nothing to give any treatment to any patient! They have not qualified doctors. Their nurses and staff don't know how to talk to patients! They are just annoying! I have wasted so much money on this clinic! But I was helpless! Really wanted a kid soon! I love babies! Please suggest me some good clinic as well if you know the one! Sending baby dust your way! Don't lose hope! The world is full of good people as well! Stay happy and be positive!


CleoMarvel - August 1

Hi Rania. As you said I have also heard a lot about them and these mixed reviews makes it hard to decide what to do.But if they really dont respond or make people wait so much i wonder how they are still in business. There are many good clinics out there and that too in Ukraine. I have heard of biotexcom clinic which has a very high success rate. They are very well reputed and i would suggest you to try them out. Apparently they have a two day event next month on 18th and 19th of august, in London. It would be convenient to save a trip to Ukraine if you get yourself registered and meet them there. they will have their English head with them, so it will be easy to communicate and get all the info you desire. I think they are even offering to sign the contract at the spot which is too good to miss. Best of luck.


ella_oscar - August 13

I hope you are doing Good. So sorry to hear about your sister infertility. I know it is not easy to deal with infertility. It is the hardest pain in one's life. I have sympathy for your sister. She must be going through a very tough situation. It is good that you are supporting. A woman loses all her hope at this time. She is depressed. Well, dear, I am here to warn you about a clinic named Lotus. It is really a sick clinic. Its staff is so careless. They do not care about the feelings of people. Let me tell you my story. I got married two years ago. I faced three miscarriages after my marriage. The doctors declared me infertile. I was really depressed. A friend of mine suggested me to contact Lotus. I tried to reach them. First, they responded but after some time they stopped to reply to me. I sent them many emails but did not get a single response. Thier behavior made me more depressed. I would suggest you to not to go to this clinic.


ella_oscar - August 25

I am so sorry to hear about your problem. I have faced three miscarriages. I know it is not easy to accept this reality. It is more painful than anything in this world. A woman has a natural desire to become a mother. Infertility is a hurdle in this way. Some time miscarriages cause infertility. I am one of them who faced infertility due to miscarriages. I got many tests but all showed the same result. Doctors declared me infertile. I decided to go for surrogacy after infertility. I am taking surrogacy at a clinic in Europe. It is really a good clinic. My treatment is going really good. I am sure of my success. I would also suggest going for surrogacy. It is the most successful treatment. May God bless you with success. I wish you all the luck. Goodbye and take care of yourself, dear.


ella_oscar - August 26

Feeling sad to hear about your problem. Miscarriage is more killing than any other thing in the entire world. I can feel your pain. I have also gone through this situation. I faced miscarriages three times. It was more killing than before all the time. It made me more depressed. In that crucial situation, my friend suggested me surrogacy. I am going to have a baby through surrogacy. Let's hope for the best. All the best


erin_wales - August 27

I wish may your sister get her desire soon! Only a child can complete a family. Also good to see you care about your sister so much. But the clinics that you have mentioned are not satisfactory. I have come across many controversial posts about them already. So, I must say you'd be careful about them. Better to consult your doctor before taking any further step...


monikadavid - August 27

Hey, I hope you are doing well. My suggestion to you would be to read the reviews about them on this forum. They are all negative! I would suggest that you see a clinic that has good reviews. Always see if the clinic is operating at a high success rate as well. The doctors year of expereince really matters as well. Good luck to your sister. I myself am going through a treatment. When I opted for this clinic I did make sure that I visited a clinic that met this criteia. It is due to these reasons that my process is going smoothly. The clinic is extremely systemaic and organised. I really wanted that for my process. It is due to this that I am relaxed and stress free as well. Sending baby dust to your sister. Do give us an update. 


Augustina - August 27

Hey! Hope you are well! There are some notable offices giving surrogacy administrations. I have heard numerous names of good centers. Surrogacy related facilities are my concentrate these days. I am an infant and we need an infant. So we have chosen to go for surrogacy as I am fruitless. I have heard surrogacy has a decent achievement rate. I have heard in Europe there are numerous clinics identified with it. What's more, their surrogacy is less expensive moreover. I will before long move to another country for surrogacy.


bena12 - August 27

Dear don't visit them. They are scammers. Don't waste your time. Please try to find a good place for your sister’s treatment. It will be good for her. Surrogacy will be best for her. Wish her best of luck for that



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