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Belai09 - November 11

I just had s_x during the 24th day of my cycle can i be pregnant?i have iregular cycle.


Grandpa Viv - November 11

How irregular? If it is sometimes 5 weeks or more then CD24 might be in the fertile window. Did you have signs of ovulation when you had s_x - fertile mucus and high libido? On a normal 28 day cycle CD24 is pretty low risk. Don't forget the PlanB option, but know it will mess with your cycle. GL!


Belai09 - November 13

My last menstruation is Oct.18-Oct.22 and it took almost two months till i had that menstruation, and thats the first time i had a delay period that long so i have no idea if i have 28 day cycle or what. And yes i have a mucus discharge when we had intercourse. And sorry but im still young thats why i didnt have any idea what is plan b. Please stay in touch with me because i have no ide whats going on inside of me and i think its the best site to ask questions about this. Thanks.


Grandpa Viv - November 13

Ask away - there is no stupid question. It sounds like you simply skipped ovulation at the beginning of September. Maybe you have a regular 28 day cycle and had a skip. Maybe you are young enough that nothing is like clockwork yet. If you are getting pregnant from s_x Nov 11th you might expect to start feeling a little different this coming weekend. There again, you can psych yourself into such things, so try not to stress about it. PlanB is a pill you can use to minimize the chance of pregnancy if taken in the first 72 hours after a contraceptive mistake. It can be bought at many pharmacies for about $30 as long as the purchaser is 17 or older. Email me if you wish.


Belai09 - November 14

So i have to wait until this comming weekend to find out?Is that also the right time to have pt? I thingk that plan B isn'r available here in our country.And even if it is, is it too late to use that?right? Thanks alot for keeping answering me. It's relieving in a way.


Belai09 - November 14

By the way im experiencing alot of brownish mucus discharge now unlike before.


Belai09 - November 16

Hey. I am experincing abdominal cramps now. Is it the symptoms your saying?Thanks for keep answering.


Grandpa Viv - November 16

Bela, symptoms may include unusual cramps, fatigue, sore b___sts, sensitive nips, smell and appet_te changes, emotions, vivid dreams, backache, stuffy nose, lotion discharge, more frequent peeing, nauseous feeling, hot flashes. You need to wait at least two weeks after the suspect s_x, and maybe three weeks before getting a positive hpt. GL!


Belai09 - November 17

Im really experiencing alot of symptoms like that now. And today im expecting my period but it didnt came out. I'll wait for few weeks then i'll make a test to confirm. Thanks for keeping in touch.I also joined some websites talking about this but alot of people making fun of newbies asking questions like this.


Grandpa Viv - November 17

For sure. critical comments like that can kill a web site.


dekraytom - November 20

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


Belai09 - November 23

I have my period today, it does mean that im safe in pregnancy already?


Grandpa Viv - November 23

Bela, if the period is normal length and heavy, and any early pregnancy signs go away, you can be fairly sure you are not pregnant. If the early preg signs continue you should run a couple of hpt on first morning pee at one week intervals. Why don't you buy condoms and v____al spermicide of your own and read up on how to use properly. Try to figure out your signs of ovulation and go to the movies instead of having s_x during your fertile window? GL!



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