Need Help With Girl Name

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Corrine321 - March 25

Well we never found out what we were having yet, she/he was being stuborn! lol! But we already have a boy name picked out Caleb Lee... But we want the girls name to be Brooklynn, but we are very stuck on the middle name... any suggestions?


M.A. - March 25

Marie, Rose


Olivene - March 26

Brooklynn Kristine, Brooklynn Janine, Brooklynn Janelle, Brooklynn MIchelle, Brooklynn Estelle, Brooklynn Kaylene? I think the "een" and "elle" ending middle names flow beautifully. How about just Brooklynn Elle? Brooklynn Elaine? Good luck. Brooklynn is pretty.


Corrine321 - March 26

I like Brooklynn Michelle and Brooklynn Kaylene! any others?


Chrissy - March 26

How about Nicole? I think it goes with everything for a middle name.


pinkrox87 - March 28

brooklynn jayde


want2beamummy - March 28

Brooklynn Beau (for Beautiful)? Brooklyn Jean?


Roxy - March 28

I really like Taylor as a middle name. If we are having a gril that is what her middle name is going to be. It's the boy names we are having trouble with. My husband likes Gage but I am not so sure...


mandee25 - March 28

Brooklynn Chanel


Krista - March 28

~Corrine~ dont hear anyone suggest Brooklyn often...thats what me and my hubbie are going to name our little girl...however, we're thinking it's a boy this time.. But hubbie is SET on Brooklyn for a girl! We'll be using "Ashley" for the middle name since it's my hubbies middle name. =) but I also like Sierra and Alexa


Krista - March 28

I agree with Pinkrox...Brooklyn Jayde sounds REALLY good!


JenniferB - March 29

Brooklynn Rose.


Karen S - March 30

I like Brooklynn marie


sugarbaby18 - March 30

we are callin our daughter Connie and I think the name Hannah is really cute too


punkys-mommy - March 30

We gave our little girl the middle name Danielle. It means God is my judge which I thought was cool. That way she'll know she doesn't have to measure up to what other people think.


Roary - March 30

I wish I could help. But, I can not for the life of me come up with any female names.


mommie2b - March 30

how brooklynn Tate or renee



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