Need Help With Middle Name For Baby Girl

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Amartin100503 - June 6

My husband and I have finally agreed on a first name for our little girl. We are going to name her Kadence. We first heard the name on Shallow Hal then again on American Wedding. We can't agree on a middle name or even think of a middle name that sounds good with Kadence. A little help would be soooo great.


soimpatient - June 6

Do you have a short or long last name?


mandee25 - June 6

Kadence Marie?


hopefulljules - June 6

I also like Marie best, or Rose!


kimholl28 - June 6

Denice, Brooke, Nicole, Renae, Ruth, Jane, Really like Maria though!


Amartin100503 - June 6

last name is Martin. We can't decide on one that we like so i've picked Marie for right now. But I saw on another website that someone named there daughter Kadence Rae.


kmorris1 - June 7

What about Joy, Hope, Sue, Anne, Bree or Louise . I also like Marie.


tritty - June 7

first of all, i loe the name Kadence. Very pretty and if you're looking for another unique name..... Kadence Danae (sounds like duh- nae).... just a thought


clare - June 7

hiya we have picked daisy for a middlew name if we are having a girl it runs in the family maybe you could give her a name from a relative?


Amartin100503 - June 8

clare...we were thinking Kadence Kaye (his mothers middle name). But, I don't know. I get along really great with his mother and she loves me to death ( the daughter she never had), but she's a very possesive person, always trying to remind me that her and my husband have a "special" bond and that she knows him better then I do. Which, by the way, drives me completely insane! Sorry, I needed to vent. Anyway, I love the middle name Kaye, but I don't want her to treat this child as if it is more special then any of the others just because of her having the same middle name. And trust me when I tell you that she will. So much drama. But I have to count my blessings that my mother in law doesn't hate me.


Lala - June 8

yeah, I know what you mean about MIL's. There is something strange about mother/adult son relationships! ****I like Kadance Claire.


mommy2be27 - June 8

Hi... my 8 yr old neice is a Kadence, middle name Loreigh- (pronounced LORE-RAY) Lee (Lee for Dads middle name) and a daycare kid with the Kadence Elizabeth (Kadi-Beth). Both of those I like a lot.


Angie in MI - June 8



KellyO - June 9

We are going to name our little girl Zoey Noel (pronounced like Noelle). It is my husbands middle name but he prounounces his loke nole. Noelle would be cute, and not just becuase I am using it either! Good Luck. I hate my middle name Anne!


Amartin100503 - July 18

ladies, any more help would be so great. All the suggestions are wonderful. Keep them coming.


sahmof3 - July 18

My good friend has a Cadence Elise- I think it's very pretty!


Olivene - July 18

Kadence Elise just popped into my head. I know a Kadence Rose, too. Kadence Michelle is nice, too. Good luck!



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