Need Help With Pregnancy

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jennifer - July 21

I am with this guy, ive been with for years now, and weve been trying to get me pregnant. So we've been having unprotected s_x for 4 months now. I had a period on the 25th of last month. i think it was aperiod, it was light bleeding for 4 days though. Then i had s_x with brad on the 2nd...since I've had that "period" Ive had NONSTOP discharge thats white a egg yolk like. Ive also been eating like mad, and gaining weight. my br___ts are a little sore. Also Ive become sensitive to the smell of some foods! and i often find myself eating something i love and feeling like im going to throw up. Could this mean Im pregant or what? Im so confused!


SaRaH - July 20

Either u may be or u may not be! Stress and ur mind can play tricks on you!! The only way to know 4 sure is to test!! :)


Jennifer - July 20

I dont have cramps like i usually do, i should have my period today or on thursday, and all i feel is sick to my stomach on and off all day! I dont know what the deal is!


Jennifer - July 21

PLease someone help!


Bethany - July 21

My advice to you is to make an appointment to have a blood test done to see if you are pregnant. If it has not been a month since you think that you got pregnant, a blood test will probably be the only sure way to tell if you are pregnant or not. Also, putting alot of pressure on yourself to get pregnant could be causing you to have these symptoms. It happened to me before when I was trying to get pregnant. Good luck!


Jennifer - July 21

I basically STOPPED putting pressure on it awhile back, and im not stressed or anything, I wish i was but wont be devestated if im not, i just wanna know, I am thinking about takin a home pregnancy test on saturday, if i dont get my period by then, i should have already had it or sometimes it comes two days late, which will be tomorrow. I was just wondering if ANYONE thought i could sumptoms again are:i have nausea on and off practically all day, slight headaches, Ive have v____al discharge(white liquid) for the past month, sides of my b___sts are sore, sensitive to odors, been eating quite a bit, and gaining weight. Any other helpful information would be much appreciated!


SaRaH - July 21

I think that u should go ahead and take a test! It is either yes or no! But the tricky part is u can be even if it says negative! The best thing is to make an appt and get a for sure answer! GOD BLESS YA!!



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