Need Honest Opinion On Names

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Brooke M - September 8

Me and my husband are expecting our first child and its a GIRL!! now the hard part picking a name we both like. What do you guys think of these... JOCELYN PAIGE MARSDEN RILEY PAIGE MARSDEN EMELIA ROSE MARSDEN please let me know which one you think is the best.


Dustie - September 8

I like Emelia Paige.


Steph - September 8

I like Jocelyn Paige the best...I don't like Emelia at all because it reminds me of Amelia Bedelia (sp?)


Ash - September 8

I LOVE Jocelyn; plan on using it myself! I also like Emelia Paige..very unique.


Brooke M - September 8

Steph its funny you say Amelia Bedelia my 17 year brother said the same thing to me.


MJM - September 8

I like Jocelyn Paige


Steph - September 8

LOL!! That's too funny. The only reason I even remembered her is because my seven year old has a couple of her books and when I was cleaning her room and saw them....


Wow - September 8

I like them all, don't envy you for having to pick just one. Too bad I am having a boy or I would swipe one of them!


Anne - September 8

Find an original name. Those are all pretty. But everyone uses them.


So Anne - September 8

do you have any suggestions? What names have you picked?


HH - September 8

I really like Emelia. Not so crazy about Rose with it, though. Rileyu is way too common. Good luck!


Lisa - September 8

Hi! I love the name Riley! When I find out what I am having in 2 weeks; I am praying for a girl and I am going with Riley!


megan - September 9

how about Madeline Rose I think that sounds good


what's your name , little girl - September 9

I think surnames which begin with 'M' and given that 'Marsden' is a hard sounding surname , having a name which begins with 'M' would soften the surname and compliment it . . . just an idea and opinion


Me - September 9

I like Emelia Rose.


Brooke M - September 9

Now I see why picking a name can be so hard. There is goods and bads with almost every name. Its even harder when you have a very free speaking mother like I do, but in the end I know we have to love it and thats the important part. --- The only thing I am thinking is that when you hear Riley Marsden people may not know if they are looking for a girl or boy...whats your take.


Mary - September 9

I agree with you, but I for one like the names that can go both ways (male and female). It give the person a air of mystery before even knowing them. :)



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