Need Middle Name For Caden

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Maddie - May 2

Hi everyone. My husband and I are torn on the middle name for our baby 'Caden' due in June. His name will be First name: Caden, Last name: Lyon. He wants 'Ray' to be the middle name because it is his middle name, his dad's and his grandpa's first name. I want 'Thomas' because it is MY dad's name. I was thinking we could combine to make 'Caden Thomas-Ray Lyon' but is that too long? I don't like Ray cause it sounds a little country-ish. I dunno...does anyone have any suggestions on other names that would flow with 'Caden' as well? Thanks!


Hildrea - May 2

Have you thought about maybe calling him Ray as a nickname? That way he would still be known/called both..


Jamie - May 2

Could you maybe go with "Raymond" instead of Ray? Caden Thomas Raymond Lyon? Or I personally think Caden Raymond Thomas Lyon 'flows' better. You might think it'd be a pain to have that long of a name, but it's really not that big of a deal - my full name is Jamie Yvonne Cecilia Smith Daniel; a mouthful, but there's only one!


Maddie - May 2

Thanks for the input. I like Raymond also, but any other names that might be good? We're trying to think of a different name that we can both compromise on.


LI - May 2

What about combining the 2...Tray?


Maddie - May 2

Cute idea LI...I'll mention that to my husband. Thanks =)


? - May 2

why don't you name this one one name and then when you have another use the other name? lol


Ca__sie - May 2

My sister in law and her husband just named their baby Kaden Joseph


Nikki - May 2

Caden Jade Caden James Just a few thoughts GL! :)


Mary - May 2

Caden Manuel


Becky - May 2

Caden Michael Lyon..... Caden Alexander Lyon..... Caden Christopher Lyon..... Caden Daniel Lyon....


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 2

In fairness, I would use Ray and Thomas as middle names if you guys can't decide on one or another. Caden Thomas Ray Lyon sounds cute to me. :o)


nelly - May 2

if i was going to have a boy i thought about the name caden alexander and caden xavier but im having a girl


almost there... - May 3

i agree with LI and combining the two as Tray.. (or Trey)


TehProgamer - May 3

how about... Ray-Caden?


Sarah - May 3

I like Caden James


klm - May 3

Caden Grant



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