Need Opinion On My Girls Name

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Shelley - November 12

Need opinoin on my girl's name...Virginia Lyn. I like it but everyone I tell the name to gives me such a funny reaction. It was my mom's mothers name and she died when my mom was 7 so I thought it would be really nice to honor my mom. People have told me that it is an "old ladies" name. My husband and I really like it but I dont want my daughter to grow up hating her name, what do you all think?? Thanks for your advice.


*X* - November 12

Personally, I say forget what others say. Once they get used to it, it'll grow on them. If I ever have a baby girl, I'd love to name her after my grandma, but she made me promise when I was a little girl not to name a child after her. Her name was Lillian, and she always hated it and went by Billy. I actually like it and like some of the older generation names over some of the newer popular names. I think Virginia's a perfectly reasonable name. In my opinion, any name is good in the end so long as it's not particularly weird, like Rusty Hammer or something.


LUV IT! - November 12

I love it! Virginia was my great-grandmother's name. She was a great woman. Lynn sounds so excellent to me!


** - November 13

To b totally honest im not that keen on it as it reminds me of Vagina.


to ** - November 13

Lol i had to look twice too. Its an ok name. Im not to big on naming after states but omg i love the name dakota...that is so cute!


HH - November 13

I love it, but kids will make "virgin" jokes. I think it is really nice.


To Shelley, - November 13

It's a very pretty name!!!! Not old ladyish at all (I would not liken it to Ethel or Agatha). And personally, I don't think anyone will make virgin jokes, and if they do, it's not such an awful taunt. At the same time, remember, any name can virtually be used in a barb with kids!


Nat - November 13

Shelley, it's a great name. Forget about people who say v____a and virgin. Those are probably the ones who would take a simple name like Jane and say Jane the pain,.


Shelley - November 13

Thanks for your opinions!!! Good luck to all of you!!!


Beth S - November 13

if you like it go for it. i get a mixed response when i tell people my sons name is Grady(also a family name) you cant make everyone happy all of the time


P - November 14

It's a nice, traditional name that's not at all common anymore. I think it's a good choice!


j - November 15

What about using it as a middle name? You sound a little unsure about using it as a first name - it is a nice name. I would consider what her peers might think when she is older - she might hate her name if shes teased about it.


brooke - November 15

Why not call her by her middle name, and she still will carry on the name Virginia.


Jamie - November 15

I very nearly became a mom changed her mind at the last minute. Honestly, I say, use the name - it's beautiful, elegant, cla__sy - not "old ladyish". And, to avoid the "v____a" or "virgin" comments, you could call her Ginny.


my 2 cents - November 15

even though it is "old lady" like, it is honoring your grandma, so it is a very nice gesture. you could always call her Ginny for short.


KC - November 15

I think it's a wonderful tribute to your mother and grandmother. And calling her Ginny Lyn would be adorable in my opinion.



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