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Mary - October 29

I am 3 days late and have taken 2 HPT both negative. I tested in the afternoon. Does it make a big difference testing in the morning first thing versus another time? I have super tender br___ts and light morning sickness in the early afternoon and evening (not in the morning!). I just need some reassurance that the negative resulta do not mean for sure that I am not pregnant. have many of you been late with pregnancy symptoms and negative HPT just to later on find out there was not pregnancy? Thanks so much!!!!


Viv - October 29

Mary, most of the advice you see on the forum is to wait for a week after missing a period before you test. Occasionally you read of women going out as far as 8 weeks before testing positive. Such slow rates of increase in hCG are a__sociated with slightly increased risk of miscarriage, especially in older women. Your b___st and nausea signs are encouraging. Not tired, peeing at night, or ga__sy? We have our fingers crossed.


To Viv - October 29

Ga__sy - yes, peeing at night - yes!!! Tired ... I think so but I am not sure, I feel a bit more letargic ... I am almost 36 ... so maybe I am pregnant and my body is deciding whether to keep it ... Thanks for the encouraging words.


E - October 29

Mary, HcG is the most concentrate in the morning if you have not urinated for 6 hours or more. An afternoon urine sample is more dilute due to food and liquids. Make sure to check the pregnancy test around 15 minutes after you take it as they sometimes take awhile to turn positive. It has happened to me twice as my HcG was low.


Mary - October 30

I got an exam from the dollar store, and just finish the test - I very faint positive is showing! I am so scared to believe in it but ... I read in this forum that even a very faint positive is a positive, right? I bought 2 more tests and will perform one of them in the morning tomorrow to make sure. I cannot contain the feeling I am having right now - disbelief, awe, happiness, fear, hope ... all in one.


Melissa - October 30

Yes, if there is a faint pink line than it is a positive. Congratulations! I know that feeling when you see the pink line!!! Awesome! I am 19 weeks with my 3rd and each time I have a rush of feelings and I also have kept my test sticks for sc___p books! Good luck and take it easy!


Mellissa - October 30

Because you could spend a fortune in buying the "cheap" tests over and over before you get a result, go with a better test. It's actually true that some tests detect lower levels of the hormone than the cheaper tests so it's worth it. That being said, to save yourself another few bucks, just go to the doctors for a quick blood test. That way, you wont end up with another "I'm not so sure what this faint line means" result and, you'll know for sure. And everyone's right: always test in the morning with the midstream urine and try to wait a few more days after your period was due, not all women are so lucky to have their result show up that quickly.



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