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Heather - October 10

Well how long does it take before u know if u could be pregnant and if i am can i do anything about it without my parents permission? im 14 and i definetly dont wanna child yet..i missed my pill and thats y im alil worried??plzz get back.


call planned parenthood - October 10

Depending on where you live, they may not be required to tell your parents you have gone to them for treatment. If you have recently had unprotected s_x, within the last 5 days max, you maybe able to get the morning after pill which prevents you from becoming pregnant. It does not abort the baby if you are already pregnant and they will give you a pregnancy test to confirm if you are even pregnant. So this kind of covers it all. Also since you probably have no money, it will be free or cost very little. Call now the sooner you know, the more options you will have.


come on now - October 10

Being 14 is NOT a good enough reason to have an abortion, if that's what you were meaning, if not, I'm sorry. You need to be more responsible


serious - October 10

What is going to happen if you find out that you are pregnant? Have you watched the life time chanels about baby and bringing home baby? I dont know, but for some reason, it hink that it will help the girls that have abortion on their mind, to see that it is a real, humin being that comes out of our bodys. Think clearly.


ally - October 10

Get a blood test as soon as u can, thats very accurate. I hope ur not pregnant as u are too young. Like i have said b4 i think i was still playing with dolls at that age. You shouldn't be having s_x at ur age cause if u play with fire u get burnt. If u escape from this with a negative pls relax and don't let boys muck around with you like that. You dont need to be doing that at ur age. I am not wholeheartedly for abortion but in ur case its something u need to think about, you dont want to wreck ur whole life because ur inexperienced with s_x, contraception etc...... 'come on now' isn't in ur shoes and if any of these ppl think back to when they were 14 they may see things differently. good luck



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