Need Some New Snack Ideas

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Jennifer123 - May 11

What has everyone been snacking on? I'm 7 weeks and NOTHING really sounds good to me other than a bacon biscuit. I know I don't need to be eating bacon biscuits everyday so I need something new to think about. I'm only having waves of nausea every now and then but it's more food adversions that are bothering me.


KellyO - May 11

I try to snack on cherry tomotoes, celery carrots, cauliflower. I have a sugar problem say I can not really eat that many fruits. My problem is that I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY. I always crave meat. I just want a big fat steak. I am 17 weeks, alot more time to go!


les22 - May 11

dried fruit is good cos it has a strong sweet taste. makes you think you are eating sweets! i really crave meat too although i had a real food aversion to chicken , just the smell made my stomach churn !


livdea - May 11

apples and peanut b___ter mmmmmm. You need lots of calcium right now too so eat some cheese!


Steph - May 11

Mmmmm, oranges. I've eating tons with this pregnancy....yum!!! Celery and peanut b___ter to!! ;o)


falafal0 - May 11

Fresh fruit and vegies with hummus dip or french onion, homemade - also salted crispbread with cheese and corn relish, cups of soup are good, wether just broth or more substantial, always try to have salted plain cornchips when you feel dizziness or nauseous - it perked me up and got me through, especially when out and baout, I could just grab them from my bag. Really necessary when you're feeling it out in public.


falafal0 - May 11

Oh yeah, whenever I go to the deli counter where there is fresh chicken and fish, I swear they've got something rotten behind there. I thought it was only in one shop, but we stopped at another shop, and it was so horrible to me that I went and stood right away from it, and go DH to get the things. It was weird to me, because i'm 25 weeks and haven't had too much trouble with it.


Stace - May 12

I was told by my midwife not to eat peanuts or peanut b___ter as they can cause possible allergies.


Steph - May 12

Stace, here is what I found on the subject. I personally eat peanuts and peanut b___ter..*****The UK government recommends that certain women avoid eating peanuts while they are pregnant. You are advised to avoid peanuts if you, your baby's father, or one of your previous children has had an allergic reaction to something. Allergic conditions include: • eczema • asthma • hayfever • any allergic response (rashes, itches, bumps) if you've eaten food such as strawberries, shellfish, or peanuts It is only peanuts that should be avoided by some women –- other nuts, such as brazil, hazelnuts, walnuts or cashew nuts are perfectly safe. An allergic reaction is when the body over-responds to a particular substance: this can cause breathing problems, wheezing, skin conditions, and other symptoms. Peanut allergy is a growing problem in the UK. Approximately one in 200 four-year-old children has a peanut allergy; most children will develop the problem before their third birthday. Peanut allergy can cause a severe reaction called anaphylactic shock in which the allergic person has such trouble breathing that they die. Before an allergy can develop, a child first has to come into contact with small traces of peanut. This initial contact sensitises the child so that she later has a severe allergic reaction when she eats peanuts or foods containing peanuts. Some experts now think that this initial sensitisation may occur during pregnancy, when a tiny amount of the peanut protein crosses the placenta, although there is no definitive evidence to prove this yet and further research is needed. However, it is because peanut allergy is an increasing problem -- and such a serious one -- that the government has advised that women with an allergic condition or who know that there is one in the family should avoid peanuts while pregnant or b___stfeeding. Breastfeeding gives your baby protection against many infections; exclusive b___stfeeding for the first six months of your baby's life helps decrease her risk of allergies in the early years of life. However, if you eat peanuts, there is a small chance that your baby will come into contact with traces of peanut through your milk. If you decide to avoid peanuts while pregnant or b___stfeeding, you need to avoid not only peanuts themselves (which are also sometimes called monkey nuts or groundnuts), but also products which may contain them. These include: • peanut b___ter • cereals, cakes, muesli, biscuits, some salad dressings, ice cream, and breads -- always read the packaging label carefully for information on the ingredients • dishes in restaurants -- either ask if peanuts have been included or choose a simple meal which contains no 'hidden' ingredients Your supermarket may be able to provide you with a list of the nut-free products it produces and sells.


aggie03 - May 12

edamame (loads of protein). I have been making popcicles out of fruit juices and necturs with those tuperware popcicle cases. My husband makes me yogart and fruit + whey protein shakes. mmmmmm! BUT NOTHING BEATS A BREAKFAST BURRITO!


frankschick2001 - May 15

Things i have been eating: fresh fruit is refreshing, like a nice juicy orange or watermelon. Oh so good! I have terrible morning sickness, but strangely, my appet_te is still good. I like soups too especially when craving something salty. I like burritos. I have been staying away from chicken which I usually eat about 3-4 times a week! Cocolate dipped in peanut b___ter is good. Cheese, yummy too. No food or drink relieves my dizziness though.


Steph - May 15

Frankschick, I've not liked chicken my entire pregnancy so far. I'm 32 weeks and chicken is the one meat that I used to enjoy, but cannot stand the thought of now!!


collint3 - May 17

try eating a cereal bar or some crackers when on the go. My weakness is candy, it is so easy to eat when on the go, i can't stay away from it, though i now i shouldn't be eating it. And fruit, lots lots lots of fruit. Oh and grahm crackers w/ milk... great snack


frankschick2001 - May 17

STEPH: I am not sure why I have such a sudden aversion to chicken, wich I usually love! But the thought of chewing it makes me ill.


sa__sifras - May 18

Veggies, fruits, bagels with light crm chs, and anything goes with peanut b___ter....


mcatherine - May 19

My weekly diet consists of these snacks: Unsalted trail mix w/ carob, bite size granola, frozen grapes, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, celery w/ pimento cheese, edamame, hummus w/ pita chips, hazelnut b___ter w/ apple slices, pistachios, dry frosted cheerios, fresh mozarella w/ cherry tomatoes, frozen yogurt (freeze healthy yogurt yourself), wasabi peas, homemade fruit seltzers over crushed ice, olives stuffed w/ gorgonzola (soft cheese, I know), low-salt jerky, baked sliced sweet potatos, homemade tuna/chx salad rolled in lettuce leaves, avacado slices dipped in dill mustard. (I haven't eaten an actual meal since about 6 weeks...)


trevino82 - May 20




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