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annonoymous - April 18

i'm 10 weeks now and my last period was feb. 1. The online calendar says the day of my conception was Feb. 15. Does that mean I would had to have s_x on the 15th inorder to be pregnant? How accurate is the calendar? My cycles usually range from 24-29 days. See, i am in a huge mess and can't stop thinking about this. My partner and I have been having unprotected s_x for over two years now. he always pulls out but if if i were to get pregnant we would definatley be ready. I have had one other s_x partner and we did have s_x on Feb. 15th. We had s_x afew weeks later but after I found out I was pregnant I quit that w/ him. So now I am concerned who the father of my child is. The guy i had s_x with on the 15th wore a condom and didn't even ejaculate in me. I remember n so does he, that soon before he had to ejaculate he had took the condom off (but not put it back in me) and then played w/ himself and then he had ejaculated on my face (sorry to be so detailed!) So what do you guys think? My parnter and I for 2 years have s_x atleast 2-3 times a week so I am so hoping it is his. but you could never be too sure because this pregnancy calendar has got me thinking now!! I also read if you have unprotected s_x w/ the same parnter for atleast a year you are more likely to become pregnant. Is this true? I know I got myself into this mess so I have to deal with the consequence but it's just making me stress out! I'd appreciate anyone's help or input. Thanks


saddyKay - April 18

The dad could be either of the two. That sucks, you have a long time to go until you will know for sure.


Heidi - April 18

Ovulation may have occurred on the 15th but you could have had s_x before or after this and conceived so you probably won't know for a while until you can do a DNA test.


sarah - April 18

you could have a dna test now...there is a test called me and i can give you some having it done email address is [email protected]


nhb - April 18

I"m guessing it could be either of theirs--there's usually a window, but it's a few days; sperm only live for 3 days, so I'd give it that window . . . so if you had s_x w/ both of them w/i 3 days of the conception date, there's not a very accurate way to tell w/o a paternity test, as far as I know. GL to you


annonoymous - April 18

thanks everyone. this is a horrible situation for me. im sure i had s_x w/ my regular partner before and after the 15th. i know me n that person were very careful and he even didn't ejaculate near my private.but the fact that I had s_x on the 15th w/ the other person is so risky. thanks again.


jena - April 18

i would really bet that since you used protection on the 15th that it's not the other guy. they really, really can't tell you a certain "day" you conceived - only a general time-frame - so that could be the week surrounding the 15th. sperm can live inside you for days, it can also take days for the sperm and egg to meet even if the egg is on its way down - just lots of different things that can happen, so you can't base it on one date... at least you used a condom with the guy on the 15th - that would ease my worries. GL!!


Safia - April 18

well if you know that you used protection and that he nutted on your face you should not be worried but at least you used protection.Some people dont even bother .But being with the dates you gave it is boyfriends baby


hear to help - April 18

i'm not an expert but, it sounds like its your boyfriends child!


tara - April 18

the calendar is only a close estimation. If the other guy pulled out before ejaculating; and if the condom was torn and eliminates any leakage of pre-c_m then there is a good chance that this is your partner's baby. I believe there is a dna test that you can do while pregnant to determin who the father is but that requiers sampling from your partner for them to confirm. good luck with everything.



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