Need Suggestions On Intro Of Baby And Animals

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Heather - April 29

We have 3 cats which I dont think will be a problem, other than the fact that they will have to sleep somewhere other than our room when the baby comes. But we have a puppy/ well a horse, not really he is a Great Dane pup which is almost 11 months 103lbs and our baby is due in 3 months. He is really a great family dog and is good with other kids,(not ours, this is our first) sometimes he doesnt realize that his but is attatched to him and accadentally will knock over them. He has a great disposition so I am not woried that he will harm the baby, my question is how do we introduce them together? What problem do you think I will face?


jena - April 29

how cute! we have a big black lab, so i've read up on this too. he sleeps in our bed (we are expecting twins so this must change) and is also a very nice dog so I feel the same way as you do about him being good with kids. this is what I read that can be helpful to dogs in introducing them: 1) before your baby is born/comes home, play music of baby sounds - crying, oohing, etc - though I'm not sure where to get these CD's :), 2) after the baby is born but before it meets the baby, take a blanket that your little one has snuggled with and put it on the floor, perhaps near the dogs bed, and let him/her smell it/roll on it/play with it to get used to the smell of the baby, and 3) try to pay attention to the dog even when you are home with your newborn (sounds hard, i know!) because they are in a way like children and will get jealous of the new one. The article said to plan a certain time of the day to spend time with your pet so that he/she will know when to expect attention, like a walk everyday at 2pm, for example. I don't think you should encounter any problems - he'll get used to a new one just as you and your husband will :) good luck and I hope this helped somewhat! congratulations!!!


heather - April 30

Thank you jena for the input. Good luck with the twins!!! Is this your first pregnancy?


jena - April 30

yes, first pregnancy - and i'm 23 so i'm really not sure how i ended up with twins in me! we're excited though - can't wait to find out if they are boys or girls, or one of each! your dog sounds adorable - ours is our current baby :)



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