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marisa - May 24

I just found out I have cervic cancer. I wanted to know if anyone out there has been threw this. Im so sad about this I have a 4month old baby girl that I love so much. Im just hopeing that I will get cured I pray to GOD for this I want to be able and see my baby grow and also wanted more kids . Im just so depressed about all this I don't know what to do Im being strong for my family but when Im home I cry .Please everyone pray for me that everthing will go well it will help me lot's ..........Thanks


angie m - May 24

I am so sorry to hear about your situation. It makes me cry just reading about it I don't know how you can stay stong for your family. I will pray for you. Take care.


HannahBaby - May 24

Good luck marisa. They may want to take your cervix if necessary, i know that you want more children but if you cant at least you have one beautiful baby girl who you mean the world to. Good luck and ill be praying for you


jal239 - May 24

Marisa: My prayers are with you. Try to stay positive. When you get down just look at your baby girl and say no way in hell am I going to let this stuff get me. YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS. Your family is there for you and all of here on the chat lines are here. YOU ARE STRONG!!!!!!


Am_I_Ready - May 25

I'm sorry to hear about your situation but cervical cancer is don't worry yourself too much


BriannasMummy - May 26

Marissa, Im soooo sorry to hear about your sickness. My older sister had cervical cancer, she has two beautiful girls, and in the end they had to take her cervix, she in fact got an entire historectomy, she is happy that they were able to catch it and get rid of it (this happened about 5 years ago) she is now cancer free. I also have a sister in law with cervical cancer, she had a different outcome, she was able to keep her cervix, she did have to have some laser surgery to get the cancer off of her cervix, she is also cancer free for 2 years, she can have babies with no problems at all. So keep your chin up, this isnt the end, with all these people praying for you.. youll be having babies again. Youre now in my prayers!


marisa - May 26

Thank's you guy's for being there to listen to me and also THANK YOU! for your prayers. I will keep you all informed of what happens.


Jamie - May 30

My mother had ovarian and uterine cancer...she was diagnosed shortly after I was born. She had to have a complete hysterectomy, but she is alive today and healthy. This is a major trial for you, but please have faith that as hard as it can be to accept, everything happens for a reason, and God never gives anyone more than they can handle. You WILL get through this, you WILL see your little girl grow up, and you WILL meet your grandchildren.


venus_in_scorpio - May 30

dont worry cervical cancer is sooooooo curable these days. I know a lot of people who have had it and they have undergone various treatments ranging from chemo and radiation to histerectomy... but theyre all OK now. At least it is not one of those cancers they cant cure. good luck and I am sure youll be fine, theyve obviously caught it early since you have a 4 month old and were under the care of an OBGYN during your pg...


marisa - June 7

Hi! Thanks lady's for your input! I'll be going in to the hospital monday the 12 doctor said Im gonna have to be put to sleep from my waist down to do a bigger biopsy. I'll be in there for a couple of hours he said something about sc___ping buy i'll let you all know what happens.


angie m - June 7

Marisa I am glad to hear from you agien and for you sharing your update. I will continue to pray for you. Good luck on Monday. Hope to hear how it gos. Take care.



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