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Jo - June 14

I've been on birth control for 4 years. Last month, I switched brands from orthotricyclen to yasmin. During the 3rd week of my cycle I missed 2 consequetive pills. I took 3 pills in one day to make up for the missed pills. (I didn't realize that you aren't supposed to do that) I had unprotected s_x (but he didn't come in me) the day before I was supposed to get my period. Well, I am now finished with my sugar pills and never got my period. Do you think its because I'm on a new pill? Do you think its because I took 3 pills in one day? Or do you think I could be pregnant. It's only been 7 days since I had s_x so implantation probably wouldn't have happened yet so it's too early to take a test. What is your opinion? Thanks


Jessie - June 14

When you have s_x there is always a possibility you can be pregnant. Have you heard of those stories about women getting pregnant while on birth control??? I have, so yes there is AWAYS a possibility. Get tested love.


Jennifer W. - June 14

It is VERY possible that you could be pregnant! It could also be the change of BC pills. When I was on the pill I either didn't get periods, or I would just spot a little bit. Actually, 7 days from fertilization of the egg is the time it takes to get to the uterus for implantation...just to be safe get a HPT (home pregnancy test)-- get a kit that comes with 2 or 3 tests in the box. Do one now, then wait another week and test again if you get a neg. the first time. It may not be romantic, but ALWAYS use back up when you miss a pill. If the guy won't put a condom on...try some of the other stuff out there (spermacide inserts/jelly, etc.) or just tell him 'too bad, no suit, no s_x' :). Take the test, and let us know. Good luck to you!


Jo - June 14

Thanks for your advice!! :)


Shatika - June 14

Honey i hate to tell youb ad news,but thats how i got pregnant "birth-control"now im 7 weeks,But your not me every womens body is ddifferent,,,,,,Good Luck,,,,,,,,


kerri - June 14

given the circ_mstances i don't think you are pregnant.



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