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Em - June 28

Friday is my 23rd birthday. I am seven months pregnant and kinda down about my b-day. All my friends want to go out to celebrate but they don't understand that I can't be around smoke and drunk people at bars. I know it sounds dumb but do you guys have anyother suggestions of some fun ways to go out and have fun for a birthday?


E - June 28

How about a luncheon, shopping, and spa treatment? I would take a day at a spa over getting drunk, even un-pregnant:) It will probably tire you out, so they can go out and get drunk at night, and you can relax at home and still feel like you did something. Happy B-day!!!


Christina - June 28

Good suggestion E, I like that! Happy b-day Em! :)


Grumpy - June 28

I completly understand my 20th b-day is Monday July 4th!!!! and i want to so badly go out with my friends like we always do but i can't have wine coolers and stand in the heat watching parads all day!! How far along are you??


Grumpy - June 28

Duh!! you said 7 months (its the baby i swear) i meant how many weeks?? im 29 tomorrow.


Em - June 28

Thanks you guys, I ve been so down about it. Must be the hormones. I am going to be 30 weeks this week


idea! - June 28

My friends and I had a Murder Mystery Party! You and 7 other people, get to dress up and act like fools, acting out a mystery! You can buy the games at Walmart and places like that. It takes about 4 hours, but you could spread it out, over dinner, and stuff. This is a thing for "at home" only, I wouldn't recommend going out in public doing this! However, there are some restaurants that do Murder Mystery parties... expensive though.


Steph - June 29

I suppose I am pretty cheesy, I just like a barbque with family. I like to sit around and visit with my parents and sister and watch the kids play. I have not wanted to go out to a bar in a looong time. It's a waste of money and getting drunk sucks.



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