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fara - January 28

i had a misc on 1st dec 05.i went thru a hard time after my n dh r trying again.i had no problems getting preg the 1st u think i'll have any problems this time? af is supposed to come 09.02.06..i am just worried to pieces that it wont b a positive.


AshleyB - January 28

I'm in the same boat as you,. last time I got pg the 1st time trying and then m/c at 11wks. But mine was a d&c on dec 31st. So I"m waiting for either AF or a BFP. Don't worry if it doesn't happen this month. Your body will get pg as soon as it's physically ready to. I believe that. Sometimes it takes women a while after a m/c. But it will be for the best. Then you'll be in the best shape possible to house that little baby. And besides if you got pg last time right away you probably will again. I'm hoping the same for myself. Good Luck!


Drew - January 28

I totally agree with AshleyB. Don't be too discouraged if this isn't another takes a couple cycles for your body to get back into the swing of things. Your body needs a little time to get back into baby mode to support the growth of a healthy baby. A friend of mine got pg with the help of Clomid after ttc for a year and a half with no luck. She suffered a missed m/c, but three mos. later she got another bfp without using any fertility meds. Good luck, hope you see your bfp soon!! :)


Been There - January 28

I miscarried around the middle of Sept. 05. Went a full cycle in October and here I am 13 weeks later, expecting in August. I did have problems getting pregnant prior to Sept. I honestly think that once my body went through that last pregnancy, no matter how brief, it made me fertile. So you definitely have a good chance of getting pregnant again.


johnruth - January 28

i know how it feels. we are all so eager to get preg. hopefully that would happen sooner than we all expect.Fara, not to worry it would happen again. Ashley B, thanks 4 d reply has well. just replied u again


eva2340403 - January 29

Fara, I too had a miscarriage the same exact day you did. we waited for one full cycle and tried again and I am now 6 weeks pregnant. Good luck and keep the faith and keep us posted please


fara - February 1

hi Everyone..i realli appreciate ur support & nice words..all the best to u guys xx .



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