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eekr88 - May 13

I just went to the health department today and got confirmation that I am pregnant. How many times in the next 9 months is a doctor or nurse going to take blood? I have an extreme fear of needles, trying to work through it now before I go to the doctor and freak out. Answers and advice are greatly appreciated.


clindholm - May 13

Usually you will have your blood drawn 2 times to check hcg levels. I believe (not sure if I remember correctly) you would have another draw near the end of the first trimester. Have you tried NOT looking when they draw? It has never bothered me at all and it certianly does not hurt, but I don't look and think that helps. Good luck.


kalokairi - May 13

im sure she doesnt look when they draw. a phobia is an illogical fear. things that generally distract people dont distract people who have phobias. some peoples fear of needles is so great that they begin obsessing about it, as she is, just KNOWING that it will have to happen. tell you dr your fear and they will try to draw blood as infrequently as possible. good luck and congratulations!!


katie37 - May 14

Eekr88, I know what you mean about the needles but unfortunately you will have to overcome your fear. Not only will you have to have your blood drawn but you will also have to have an IV when you go into labor. Good news is that is does get easier with time. Good luck to you.


clindholm - May 14

Kalokairi- she did not state that it was a phobia, but a fear- I was just offering a helpful tip.


kalokairi - May 14

i wasnt attacking you clind, its the way she phrased the question that makes it more than a regular afraid of bees...DEATHLY afraid of bees lol but im not thinking about the bees being outside when i go get lunch and what if i get stung (just an example) whereas i do have a phobia about vomiting so as you can imagine, the thought of getting pregnant scares me to death, what if i get morning sickness...what if i puke during a result of my 'fear' i havent thrown up in something like 18 years. avoidance! but you can tell its more of a phobia when the fear overwhelms you as she said she is trying to work through it before she goes to the dr and freaks out. i understand the thought process, thats all :) as for the iv during labor, i have read recently about labors where the women refuse ivs, fetal monitoring, all of that stuff. they are performing studies right now bc they have found evidence that all of this poking around they do when you are in labor actually slows it down and creates complications where there would not have been one. if i can find the article and info again i will post it for you. its a consideration, im even going to look into it for myself. as for the needles i the only crazy one that looks when they draw blood? loll, i do, i want to see it...weird, i know. probably b/c i have such tiny veins i want to make sure theyre flowing lol


clindholm - May 14

Ok, Kalo, maybe I'm just being hormonal and picked up the wrong tone. I can understand what you mean about the iv's. They stuck me 4 times and collapsed my vanes before I said... enough! I know they have to train somewhere, but that was ridiculous.


clindholm - May 14

Ooops, I meant "vein"


eekr88 - May 14

Thank ya'll for your answers. I'm not sure if it's a phobia or not. I am deathly afraid, I don't think of it all the time, but when I see a needle I have an anxiety attack. I've been trying to watch videos of people drawing blood, to get a little more comfortable with it before I go to the doctors. I wouldn't dare to watch them do it to me though.


thejr2913 - May 14

I too have a fear of needles. I am pregnant with my 4th baby. My 1st 3 were delivered without meds or IV's. My Dr. knows of the fear. She drew the blood herself for the 1st set of lab work and we are only planning on drawing it again for diabetes test in 8 weeks. I have only had an IV during my miscarriage last Oct and DNC. Discussing it with your Dr is probably your best bet. People have real fears and yes you get over it and do what you have to but, that doesn't mean the fear isn't there.


kalokairi - May 14

if you are having anxiety attacks then its a phobia. its ok though, lots of people have phobias, it doesnt mean anything is wrong with you, its just something you are going to have to learn to live with. thejr is absolutely right though, you need to tell your dr allll about it, dont be afraid to talk about it, if he knows, he can help you better. its going to be good, youll see, it will all be worth it in the end ;) & clind are those pregnancy hormones??? if so congrats!!!!! and if they are pms hormones then welcome to my world lol


mama4andmore - May 14

eekr I have an acctual phobia of needles. I can't even look at them with out a pankick attack. But what helped me through it was desensitization sp? anyways just start looking at pics of needles. Become more comfortable, For me it helps not taking any one with me for blood draws becausee most ppl don't understand just not looking and laying back doesn't work. My doc also prescribed me medication to relax and also he was very willing to work with me. He allowed me to only do one blood draw and just do it at about 28 weeks. Talk with your doctor and come up with a plan.


mama4andmore - May 14

oh also he bent hospital policy for me. I didn't have any iv which also means no meds while in labor with any of my 4 children! Labor sounds better than needles, but you will have to ok nurses the access in an emergency. Kalokairi i never puked during labor usually the meds is what ppl get sick. Take care and gl! Also i had my 1st doctor cancel me because of refusing labs, but just look for the right doctor. Pregnancy is stressful enough without having to worry about your docs att_tude. So just keep checking doctors!


Teddyfinch - May 14

i would say, tell the lab tech of your fear and that you don't want to see the needle at all if possible. and look away the whole time.


kalokairi - May 15

omgosh people had babies without ivs for years...women had babies crouched in the woods for gods sake...probably still do in some countries. this society is so lawsuit happy drs are afraid to do even the littlest thing out of the ordinary for fear of being sued. if i could pa__s a kidney stone without pain meds i can do the baby thing right? thats what my grandmother says anyway. she said her kidney stones were WORSE than her labors and i believe her.


Teddyfinch - May 15

why is it wrong to have an iv during childbirth? from what the techs say, they do an iv as a precaution because if something goes wrong, it's a lot harder to put one in a woman that's moving all about a table and can't hold still. i think it's smart. i suppose i could be misunderstanding your post though, kalo.


clindholm - May 15

Kalo- yes it's pg hormones. We're so happy (biological clock and all, not much time left) Good luck to you if you are ttc. It took us 15 months the first time. btw- this is my second pg and I have never had any nausea or vomiting so you may be one of the lucky ones when it happens. I always wanted the natural childbirth, but had a c-section so I really had no options with the meds and iv.



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