Neg Urine Test Still Preg

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alicia - December 21

I was just wondering if anyone was getting negative urine tests at 8-10 weeks late but still actually been pregnant?Im going nuts. going to the clinic thursday. Havnt had a period since October 4th. Had slight spotting with my discharge, once in the middle of november, and once last week, however last weeks was brown instead of pink. I have a lot of discharge like when you're ovulating but its been for several weeks now. I dont know what to think. I figured i'd ask those of you who are pregnant for your opinions. I had a lil bit of nausia but not alot and i havnt had it in about 2 weeks or so. headaches...and i have this weird pain in my stomahc right around my belly button where it feels like a gnawing pain or like something just pressing or rubbing on it. i know wierd. i dont know if something is just wrong with me or not. lol. going a tad bit nuts figured any opinion would help. thanks


Christine - December 22

Alicia...lots of woman get negative hpt's well into their third months and on...If you read some of the boards you'll see some other posts just like this...the spotting could also be a sign of pregnancy...along with the nausea and such...Its a good idea to go to the clinic tomorrow..though they will probably just do another hpt...hopefully you have an early morning appt...and try not to urinate or drink much before you go...I know it sounds backwards but drinking can dilute your urine and mess up a urine test...if it still comes back negative ask for a sonogram...tell them you would like to rule out any cysts or possible fibroids that could be causing the missed period..good luck and let us know


alicia - December 22

Well i just found out that the clinic around my way isnt open to like anybody everyday, only certain days of the week. Go figure my one day off work. I just dont know what to do anymore. its not natural for me to skip almost 3 periods now. im not really stressed out, over or underweight, i dont take any medications or birthcontrol. its just plain wierd. Ill keep ya updated if you'd like. I dont know if it would show up in a blood test if its not showing up in a urine test. iv been taking the early tests so even a lil bit would be showing. but i dont feel right. Thanks for listening to me vent lol.



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