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Mizzzzsara - February 12

About 5 days ago, (12 days before my due period) I noticed a light red spotting. No cramps, just spotting. I took a HPT it was negative. Bleeding went away, so I went and took blood test. Negative. I'm still feeling a lil icky and VERY tired. I am on the pill, missed mabe 1 or 2 about 3 weeks ago, but have been consistent since. The spotting went away for about 2 days, now today it is back! No cramping, just tired. No soar br___ts. I'm worried that even the bood test may be wrong! WHAT DO I DO!? My period isn't due for 9 more days....I've never had this problem. We used the pull out method when we knew i missed a pill or 2. I know it's not a method that always works, so what now!? PLEASE SOME1 help me! My hubby says I'm not, the tests say no...


missjazzyjay - February 12

Hay u have a normal cycle? if u do then it will be impossible for u to be pg. maybe u were ovulating and that caused a little spotting...and usually we ovulate 14 days b 4 our next period...thats if u r regular. if u and ur boyfriend did it 2 or 3 days b 4 u spotted then its very possible that u can be pg but it's too early for the test to detect. are u ttc


Mizzzzsara - February 12

My period always comes 2 days after i take my placebo pills (the sugar ones). ttc?


missjazzyjay - February 12

ttc is trying to conceive. did u and ur partner have s_x 2 or 3 days b 4 u started to spot? if so then u can be pg.


Grandpa Viv - February 12

The spotting was timed right to be from ovulation, and it was far too early to be taking tests, blood or otherwise. Maybe missing a couple of pills upset this cycle a little. The chances you are pregnant are very slim, but take another test before starting on the next active pills. Good luck!


sredha - January 19

i had implantation bleeding for 4 days, it was light brownish spotts along with white discharge, i tested urine after 10 days ,it was negative,, then i again tested after 2 days it was negative, thn v went 4 a blood test after a week it came to be negative again.but still am on ma missed period.. i hav very irregular cycles. my clycle goes like this:28th, 15th, 30th, still w8ing n its 17th... can anyone help me getting mad...plssss....


Grandpa Viv - January 19

So is your cycle more like 45 days? Fifteen days seems too short. You are not listing any early pregnancy signs other than a maybe implantation spotting. The best I can suggest is to run weekly urine tests on first morning pee until it sorts itself out. Dollar Store tests are plenty cheap. GL!


sredha - January 20

thank you Grandpa Viv 4 ur reply.. Well, i hav tested my urine even 2day mrng wich also turned 2 be negative.. Its really really sickening.. n ofcourse i don hav any other preg signs thou.. i doubt if dis will be common, Since this was our first unprotected s_x after mrg... But i don get an answer...


mili_mili - August 25

I had my last period on 20th July. Since 15th of august i have been really tired and since then i can't sleep properly at night. I feel nauseous and dizzi, going very often to loo and i think sometimes feel weird smells.. i think i am a bit moody or at least everyone says i get grumpy easily.....My period was about 3-4 days late. On 19th in afternoon i vomited and in the evening went to a doctor and she said it is too early to detect eventual pregnancy. My blood pressure was fine and my ears and breathing was fine as well. I gave urine sample on 22nd which turned out to be fine and it didn't show any infection. Same day (22nd) i have vomited in the morning after breakfast. I get some cramping and a very dull lower abdominal pain. Its rather annoying and dull. 22nd i did a pregnancy test and it showed negative and same day in the evening i start having light brownish/pinkish spotting which by the night turned into light redish bleeding. Next day 23rd for me seemed as period kind of i don't know i am not good at distinguishing. It is a bit watery maybe. However yesterday was feeling dizzy whole day long. I kinda loose appet_te because feel heavy but surprisingly manage to finish quite a lot food. Was feeling extremely tired. In the afternoon went to hospital and had blood test done. 24th i was still bleeding but did home pregnancy test and showed negative again. I was still feeling dizzy and nauseous.In the night i was feeling like vomiting but with ought actually being able to vomit. At the night managed to sleep but was constantly moving in bed. Today 25th in the morning was feeling like vomiting again and was extremely tired. I didn't even feel like walking. In afternoon i got the results from my blood test and the doctor said that it is negative for pregnancy and that everything seems fine. I don't know is it possible the blood test to show wrong? The bleeding i mentioned about was on 22nd and i did the blood test on 23rd...was thinking if the bleeding is implantation didn't i do the blood test too early to detect pregnancy. I still feel very tired and dizzy and feel like vomiting including today-25th. I am sill bleeding but its very light today and it stops then light bleed then spots a bit then light. My tummy feels heavy and maybe a bit bloated. In evening i did pregnancy test but was negative again. I was feeling very dizzy. I have mood swing. Sometimes just feel like crying for no reason. I never ever had such symptoms so i am really very very confused. It is definitely something there as i don't think its normal to be like that but i am not sure what.


Grandpa Viv - August 25

A qualitative blood test can be negative in early pregnancy, though a qant_tative (numeric, expensive) test will tell a better story. You have enough signs that pregnancy is still a possibility. Have you been having unprotected s_x in the fertile window? I suggest you home test a couple more times between now and Sep 4th. If you are still negative with preg symptoms at that time, the chances increase that a cyst or other problem is at fault. GL!


mili_mili - August 26

Thank You Grandpa Viv, yes i had unprotected s_x in my fertile window which was 4th august. And doesn't matter how i count my fertile days it always match to be one of them. I can't tell the exact date i ovulated though. I don't know what type of blood test i had because was from my GP prescription which included tests for other thinks as well. He didn't tell me he just said it showed negative. I will keep testing till Sep. 4th This morning i noticed the bleeding seems to gone and its very faint one when wiping . But here is 7 in the morning. I again feel dizzy and a bit nauseous.


mili_mili - August 28

Yesterday 27th i did home pregnancy test again but showed negative. In the afternoon i vomited not long after having lunch and i have been tired. The worst think is i get really bad mood swing especially yesterday they were worst than ever. I will be happy and smiling and then will think of something bad and be upset then normal again then cry for a minute or two then again fine then snap at people really harsh then sad then fine ... it was the worst mood swings i have ever experienced


Grandpa Viv - August 28

"Cry for no reason" is a fairly common post, but you have got it worse than any I have seen - can a glandular problem cause that? Will the doc see you again after such a short time lapse? Just recite the symptoms and don't push the pregnancy idea. GL!


mili_mili - August 28

Well i never had glandular problem and my urine and blood testes didn't show infection is what the doc said. I know yesterday was just bad day for me. Today i have been better with the mood swings almost didn't have them or were in the norm. In the morning vomited again and dizzy almost whole day. I don't know if there is any possibility for pregnancy...sometimes i really think that this is the think :( i am you still think should do home pregnancy tests?


mili_mili - August 28

oh and i guess i have to say that i am just 21 gonna be 22 .... so thats why might sound a bit unexperienced and scared :)


Grandpa Viv - August 28

A lovely age indeed! Yes, you have to find out why your system is messed up. If a couple more pregnancy tests don't help resolve it, then you need to go back to the doc for an update. You can't spend the rest of your life dizzy and vomiting. HUGS!


mili_mili - September 2

Hi again, today i did other pregnancy test and showed negative. I been to doctor 2 days back and they said my liver is fine, the sugar level is fine, no infections and everything seems to be in norm. I requested a ultrasound so now i am waiting for that. They gave me medicine for the vomiting metoclopramide and omeprazole. I am still confused because i keep feeling tired and feel my tummy bloated especially at night time and start having some chest pain and back pain.



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