Negative Hcg But Feel Pregnant

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fefer1 - December 15

My last two periods were late, the first was 10 days late, the second 2 weeks late. The last one on November 14th. On December 1st I had some light bleeding, not like a normal period. I did a urine test at the dr office but it was negative last Monday the 12th. On the 15th I started to get very nauseated, light headed, tired and had heartburn and has not gone away. It is worse late in the afternoon/night. Last night I woke up at 4am to pee and suddenly had a horrible headache and nausea. The closest I've been to vomiting since it started. I do not have the flu or any other illness related symptoms. I feel full in my stomach, feel weird twinges and an overall offness. Could I be pregnant even though the urine tests are negative? My dr checked my hormone levels last week and said they were normal but I think it was to check my thyroid. Any thoughts? I'v ebeen trying to get pregnant and of course, don't want to be disappointed!


Well - December 15

Your not pregnant as that's been established by your doctor, so I would imagine that your body is playing tricks on your mind and causing you to believe that you are pregnant. Have you been ttc for long? If I were you, I would try not to think about it too much and continue living your normal life. I would talk to your doctor if you still have the feeling that you are pregant and you can ask for an ultrasound which will give you a absolute positive yes or no about beign pregnant.


lexy - December 15

if a woman wants to be pregnant so bad they can start having all of the symptoms of pregnancy including a missed period,but not even be pregnant.maybe thats your case.


nikki25 - December 16

fefer1, I know everyone always says "it's all in your head" and you're imagining symptoms, so I am here to tell you that's not always the case. It is very possible to get negative urine and blood tests and still be pregnant. I have a four year old daughter who is living proof of that. I was ttc her for almost two years. Not only did the doc tell me the symptoms were all in my head, they told me there was a good chance that I would never conceive. They did a blood test and urine test, both negative, but I still kept having symptoms. I refused to believe what they said, took a test a week later, and got a BFP. Needless to say, they ate their words b/c at the time I got my BFP, I was already 6 weeks (which would have made me 5 weeks when they did their testing). I went on to have two more healthy children after dd. Not bad for someone who could never have kids, huh? :o). Bottom line: don't let anyone tell you it's all in your head if you know, in your heart, that it isn't. Only you know your body and how you feel. And if you sit and reallllly think about your symptoms and whether or not you're imagining them, you'll know the truth. Hope this helps, keep your head up and if you're not pregnant, try, try again.


nikki25 - December 16

Btw, it is reasonable to a__sume since you had af on Nov.14th, that you weren't due for it again until Dec. 14th, which means your doc could've tested too early. I would wait a couple more days and test again if you're still feeling c___ppy.


nikki25 - December 16

I know I'm posting a lot, but have you considered the possibility that what you had on Dec. 1st was implantation bleeding and not a period after all?


kyty - December 17

I agree with nikki25. My daughter is five and I had numerous urine and blood tests telling me I wasnt pregnant. It was until they did a pelvic exam that they confirmed I was. My mother was the same way.


nikki25 - December 18

Kyty, how did you persuade them to give you a pelvic? Or did you just go in for a pap? Just curious, b/c once again, I feel preg, but have neg tests...



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