Negative Hpt S But Missed Period And Symptoms

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verysexy103 - September 28

Hi i need help. for about a month now i feel just like i did when i was pregnant last time. my chest is sore, im tired, my head hurts on and off, my stomach is very bloated and gassy and hurts, and my period is a few weeks late but all hpt's come back completely negative. I just bought first response early result last night and took both, completely negative. i've tryed so many hpt's with first morning urine, all negative, ive been using the pull out method for over a year with my boyfriend and i havent been to the doctor yet about this, please help!


verys_xy103 - September 28

i forgot to add im also naseus every day mostly at night and the smell of cigarette smoke makes me gag and i was never like this only when pregnant last year. I also keep craving cupcakes every day


Grandpa Viv - September 28

Lots of good signs, good enough exposure, and you know what it feels like from experience. Most women can get a positive test by 2 weeks late. A few have to wait longer. One reason for low hCG hormone is an ectopic pregnancy, so if you start to have major pain, get to the ER. You may also have a cyst putting out hormones. If you have not got it figured out by the time you miss a second period, you should go to the doc anyway. GL!


LilysMommy - September 29

Hi. I am having the same problem i am a little over a week overdue and still no period.but negative test results. i dont have all the symptoms like you do but i have been needing to sleep alot more. yesterday i slep the majority of the day and i have been finding it harder to wake up in the morning and i need a nap during the day. i have noticed that things smell and taste different to me and my face and skin in the past week has gotten so dry. also i have experienced a little v____al dryness at times...(sorry TMI)i have been spotting off and on for almost 2 weeks now. it is a very light pink color and sometimes brown. it hasn't been heavy enough to need protection. me and my husband had unprotected s_x during and after ovulation time...then i missed my period and just knew i was pregnant but all the test are negative. i have been cramping mildly off an on for about a week now also.


LilysMommy - September 29

forgot to add that my nipples havnt been too sensitive but they are not skin color anymore they are pink..they look as if they were irritated but they dont feel like they are. Only they feel itchy at times. but i have had that before so i dont know if the itchyness is related. and i have been real ga__sy


LilysMommy - September 29

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verys_xy103 - October 1

hi please help my doctor appt isnt for two weeks. yesterday i took 4 clearblue easy +/- tests and got a positive on all four in about a minute. i then took 2 answer, completely negative. today took another 2 answer, completetly negative. still no period and still sick


LilysMommy - October 1

if you got a positive it is a positive and that means you are pregnant. some test are more sensitive than others. the only thing that can give you a false positive is from improper testing but most likely that isn't the case if you have taken so many test you know how to take them. if you followed the instruction then you should be fine.Certain medications such as phenothiazine can interfere with test results. but you sound like you are pregnant and you are just not getting a positive also like i said some preg test are more sensitive than others. try buying the same test you got a positive on and take it again. if you get another positive then you shouldn't worry. if you do infact get a negative after getting a positive you should go to the doctor or since yours isn't for 2 weeks try going to the ER because this would be a sign of miscarriage.


Momnjun07 - November 4

I've posted on a few forums looking for any advice I can get.... I have pcos and have never been regular. I have a 3yr so I know the signs. I have just about very symptom in the book! I had my first and only period in a year on august 13,2010! I've taken 15-20 home tests and all negative. Now I'm feeling flutters like with my daughter, my lower abdomin is tender and hard! Any thoughts?!? I have no insurance and my hubby is working 2 jobs to support us cause I have back problems! So no money to visit a dr with all the neg tests I've had!


Grandpa Viv - November 5

On rare occasions we hear of negative tests past 12 weeks. The literature does not support that. Something different is going on, and if it is not a pregnancy then you need to know what else it might be. Can your local Health Department give you some advice? A good ultrasound would be a good place to start. How about a Right-to-Life establishment that does free ultrasounds?


Momnjun07 - November 5

Thank you grandpa Viv, I will surely look into those options! I live in Arkansas near Fort Smith so I'm not sure of what is available in this area. Are you a Dr? Just curious! I know your profile says retired. I had what seemed to be a regular period like I said started on 08-13-2010 but that was my first in almost a year and not even spotting since. My mom thinks I'm just having phantom symptoms since I want another baby so badly, and my sis in law is prego. She is due in feb. But I'm experiencing all the sympoms I had with my daughter, to me what looks like my uterus shifted showing a baby bump(I have a severly tilted uterus), and this week I strted feeling movement! I only see my hubby 2 days per week since he works 2 jobs he stays with my uncle so we don't hve to spend over $150 in gas per week, and when he came home last week he said I look prego and bout a month ago he said my b___sts seemed larger and hard. Is there anything else that you know of that this could be? Also with my daughter I had one period when I was about 2-3 months along and the dr said I possibly miscarried a twin but preg tests were possitive with her! Is it possible at all that it is the same situation only neg tests? Thank you for your help!!!


Grandpa Viv - November 6

Heart to Heart Pregnancy Support Center 216A North Greenwood Ave. Fort Smith AR 72901 479.452.2260 Fort Smith Pregnancy Help Center 2408 S 51st Ct. Suite F Fort Smith, AR 72903 479.484.5244



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