Negative Pregnancy Results Feel Kicking Lost Plug Etc

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sonic - June 17

i have a 19 year old girl living with me. has been the last 4 weeks. she told me she may be pregnant . i ran a home test 2 weeks ago came back negative, since the test she has been feeling movement and pain under her ribs. she lost what looked like her plug and water last tuesday night and had cramping. took her to the baby hospital. doctor felt her tummy and said she could not feel a baby inside her. took her back to the hospital on the thursday night because of cramping again, the doctor did an internal and said the uturus felt normal the blood test was negative and she could not see on the ultra sound. mind u she said she was not very with ultrasound machines. leading up to all this the has been suffering morning sickness for weeks. she has become lactose intolerant in the last few weeks. she is feeling kicking around her tummy and up into her ribs. she is quite a big girl 120kgs i just want some advice on what u people may think. i personally think she is pregnant. she said she had s_x end of nov 05 and again end of feb 06. i am really stressed by all this not knowing.


cindi - June 17

What is it with all these women swearing they are pregnant when when the doctors, tests, and technollogy of modern science say they are not???????


tritty - June 17

it actually is possible to still be pregnant when everything says negative..... sometimes a baby can only be confirmed with an ultrasound. obviously this isn't common but it has happened to many women on the forum. however, if she is complaining of "kicking" that usually doesn't happen until the 2nd trimester and you would think that her uterus would have changed quite a bit by then and the doctor would have noticed something at the internal exam..... if you still feel that she is pregnant you can always ask for an ultrasound and if she's not then you need to try and figure out whatelse may be wrong with the girl.


guest - June 17

It said that she had an ultrasound. If you do an ultrasound of the Uterus you will be able to see a baby. Especially if she would be far enoug along to be feeling kicking. No your friend is not pregnant. You can not deny every technological test that was performed. If everything is negative, guess what, shes not pregnant


sfrias - June 17

If you took her to the doctor and she was not able to find anything... then only make an additional blood test and that's it. Have you thought that it might be a psychological pregnancy?


BriannasMummy - June 17

I really dont think she is pregnant. It sounds to me that you are describing early pregnancy. In early pregnancy a baby and the amniotic sac would be below the pelvis bone, meaning that she would not feel kicks up by her belly b___ton. As far as losing her "plug" that would be at the end of a pregnancy indicating that youre almost ready for labour, and also losing her water, i dont think there would be enough water to be noticeable during early pregnancy. If she has had an ultrasound and it has come out that they dont think she is pregnant, thats another sign that shows that she wouldnt feel kicking. Even if the woman was bad with the ultra sound machine and there was in fact a sac,the baby would be tooo small for your friend to feel movement. Im sorry if you were hoping this was a pregnancy. Good Luck with everything.


sonyab - June 18

i dont think she is pregnant, it could be something like internal worms, or something like that, or um something else internal. kidney stones, ulcers ect. that is making be sick and tummy upset.


NURSEJ - June 20

some people really want to be pregnant so they imagine it.. it's called pregnancy pychosis i know a few ppl who went thre this. when her period comes she'll cut it out.



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