Negative Pregnancy Tests And Ultrasound

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Tina - August 10

The date of my last cycle was 6/8, and I know conceived on 6/20. It had been four years since I had intercourse, and have not after 6/20. I have many symptoms, frequent urination, increased apet_te, backache, br___t enlargement/tenderness etc.. A week after conceiving my pants felt tighter and I was nauseous. My br___t seem as if they are getting bigger everyday and so does my stomach.I have taken four preg. tests, all negative. Today I had a ultrasound done and he saw nothing. I know I am pregnant. I believe its twins. Has this ever happened to anyone?


patty - August 10

Did your doctor perform a transv____al ultrasound? Did he say that this could be symtoms of something else?


Onyshia - August 10

Do you know whether or not you have a retroverted uterus? If you do, and you doctor did not test the u/s transv____al, he may have missed something. The only missing link is that by this time, you should be receiving positive tests. I am about 4 weeks later than you, and already have positive urine tests and beta of 5037. Ask your doctor to do a beta, I worry that you might have a tubal pregnancy.


jena - August 10

it's interesting you think you may have twins if he didn't see anything on the u/s. i'd call you crazy, but that's exactly what happened to me :) - well, the negative tests and at 6 weeks I had an ultrasound and they found twins. As everyone else is saying, it HAS to be a v____al ultrasound. Maybe get a second opionion because if you are indeed pregnant (how late are you?), you need to be seeing a doctor.. good luck!


MARIE - August 10

a doctor can tell if you are pregnant by what your cervix loks like. it changes color when you are pregnant. plus if they did an ultrasound...i had a tipped uterus in the begining of my pregnancy but i could still see that there was something there at 6 weeks....he did a v____al ultrasound to show me that there was for sure something there but you could still see it on the belly ultrasound.


Lena - August 11

At 6-7wks post ovulation its can be hard to detect a pregnancy via u/s. I'm really surprised your doctor decided to use an u/s and not a bloodtest especially since you've had 4 negative hpt. A bloodtest is more reliable for detecting an early pregnancy than an u/s. Typically an u/s is only done at 6-7 wks if an ectopic pregnancy is suspected or if their is a history of m/c. From what you've said, neither of these seems to be likely reasons for an u/s. And missing a period for one cycle is also not reason for a physician to be alarmed by serious repro problems such as an ovarian cyst. I would suggest that you read the thread, "False Pregnancy" that someone else started today. You could really benefit from the advise the OP has received. She found that stress was the cause of her false pregnancy and is take control of her stress. Best wishes!



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