Negative Results Feel Pregnant Sound Fimilar Ladies

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zoelouise - May 9

THOUGHT I'D TRY AND GET ALL THE LADIES THAT HAVE EITHER THOUGHT THEY WERE PREGNANT OR WERE PREGNANT BUT HAD NEG RESULTS I HAVE SEEN POSTS ALL OVER THIS SITE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE GOOD TO GET YOU ALL IN HERE... I am Zo 26 Mum of 3 , 9days late now but all syptoms had 20-25 negative hpt's and doctors did urnine test negative too but still i have the syptoms and signs .....Anyone want to share there stories to help all us ladies playing the waiting game as we all could do with a little encouragement as i know from alot of posts i have read that there are a lot on anxious and frustrated women out there.. and no matter how much we search the net there are no answers in the searchbar only women like yourselfs that have been in this situation can help those going through this now..!!! Hope this pulls all the ladies in here thank you.... I am on MSN if anyone would like to talk [email protected] xxxxxxx i am going try to see about opening a site just for ladies like us ... see if i can do it xxx would anyone be interested if i did????


prettyirishgurl - May 9

yes it does...its been 9 yrs since we had our daughter and wanted another baby dont ask why it took so long to decide to have another one..(maybe money)So were are ok now financially and im 37 and never had complications with my daughter my whole pregnancy and labor everything was picture perfect..Now we tried april 6 and 7 with now protection to conceive and all the sudden my period did not come in april like it was suppose unlikely the only time we tried with no protection i miss my period! I am 21 days late today ! my first day of my last period was March 20 2006!! i have had no signs of AF coming no spotting or anything of any color..But till today i have pink when i wipe WHAT IS IT? i feel pregnant i have to wait till monday to do another pgtest again...what do u guys think... i have no history of abortions, miscarriages and a clean bill of health!!


christie_lynn32 - May 10

Wow you sound exactly like me my last period was march 19 and we started trying right after and i was due for period apr 14 never came her i am due for it today and it didnt show again.I have been taking hpt lots of them all negative.I am going for a blood test later this month when my medical kicks in gla


christie_lynn32 - May 10

I forgot to say i havent even spotted or anything so like you said how unlikely the first time you try and no period but negative tests wow all so familiar i have 3 boys the youngest is 8 so i thought lets try 1 more time before i get to old lol.So we did and now i have to deal with this its so stressful good luck ladies and keep me updated and i will do the same.


zoelouise - May 10

pink when you wipe hun sounds like implantation to me woohoo very good sign hun xxx fingers crossed hun.... xxxxxxxxx


christie_lynn32 - May 10

Hi zoe hat idea is really great i didnt realize so many woman had this same problem and i'm glad there is support it helps at this crazy time in my life.Keep me posted i hope you get your answer soon i know how you feel take care.



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