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christi - December 14

Thank you all for answering so quickly- it is nice to know that I have you all there - I don't have anyone else to ask or talk to about this! Like I said yesterday I am 20 days late (now 21). Yesterday I got a test from the dollar store. I tested negative. If I don't have my period by next week I will test again... I haven't been under any stress, really- what else could this be? What are the chances of getting a false positive this late after my period is due?


tiffany - December 14

I concieved this baby on 6/15, and didn't get a positive test until 7/7. I even went to the dr and they didn't get a positive until 7/9. We had a u/s to determine dating, and my conception date was correct. So needless to say, it took me almost a month to get a positive test. I knew I was though because of the symptoms, and I could just feel it. Is this number 1 for you? Good luck!


JS - December 14

When i first tested i was 21 days late and got a very very very faint positive. Wasn't even sure if i could call it positive. Went to the doctor the next day and blood test showed HCG was 109,000 so who knows why test was so faint. Try to get your doc to get a blood test to be sure either way.


L - December 14

HPTs test between 25 and 100um of hCG in the blood. Since the hCG values of a healthy pregnancy double every 36-48 hrs, you can see that waiting a week or so does the trick for most woman. There are several reasons why a woman can be 3 wks late and still receive a BFN such as a bad test, not following testing instructions properly, early embryonic lost...or plain not pg. THere are many reasons, other than pg, why af can be delayed.


DW - December 15

Actually L, that's not true. When pg with my daughter my urine hpt's never showed up till nearly 3 mos, but blood tests showed up the whole time. There is some women who never show up at all in urine. At any rate, you should see your doc and get a blood hcg done, and if thats a bfn, then you have your answer. At the same time, I would also ask if there could be a reason af is late, especially if your usually regular. Good luck, I hope you get your bfp!! :)



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