Negative Test With Body Changes Couldnstill Be Pregnant?

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whel - August 30

hey there, it's my 1st time to be possibly pregnant. my ovulation was around July 12. I had unprotected contact within that week. supposedly my period was expected at July 26 but it arrived July 28 last for 2days with pad then 2days on liner. I never thought I'm pregnant because it arrived on 28 although it's not as heavy as my regular flow. my last contact was July 26. anyhow I never had symptoms until this month I'm delayed although it just arrived today August 30 and it's not like my usual period. the thing is my tummy is big and it's heavy. it feels unusual.i did had a preg test the other day and it's negative. and now I'm starting to feel leg cramps and dry mouth which I never felt before. could I possibly be pregnant? I haven't had the beta hcg yet though I'm planning to make sure. thank you all


Grandpa Viv - August 31

With a negative test that late, plus two bleeds, chances are something else is going on. Ask the doc for an ultrasound to look for a cyst, and also check gland malfunction. 


whel - September 1

grandpaviv.. bleed started at 30 around 4pm a minimal amount collected in the pad, clots come out during urination yesterday. I did changed pads but it's not full like my usual mens.  my hormones were all normal. blood will only flow during urination unlike my regular menstruation it will flow whether I'm sitting, standing, walking, sleeping. an hour ago I pee and there's no clot yet there's a trace of blood. with my regular menstruation I'm expecting my pad will be full when I wake up but there's nothing. I've read that, there are women who got negative hcg  blood test at their 10th week. I don't have morning sickness,  I've got delayed period and bloated tummy.  thank you


whel - September 1

update: my bleeding stops approximately within 48hours, i no longer pass clots during urination and there's no flow in my pad. by the way, the characteristic of blood is red and smell fresh. it is very unlike the menstrual flow. it smells and looks like the blood that come out when u cut your skin. it also differs from menstrual flow coz with the menstruation after few hours will stink, but with the bleeding, i was  at the mall for more than 5hours, when i get home i changed the pad and it still smell fresh, with the menstruation it will smell bad. 



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