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Catherine - April 20

Hello everyone, I have had every symptom of pregnancy for over 2 months. Doctor can't think of anything that's wrong with me, OBGYN can't think of anything that's wrong with me, no cysts, no fibroids, nothing. Ultrasound showed nothing. I'm still convinced I'm pregnant though! If I'm not pregnant and something else is wrong with me I can't understand why 2 doctors and a handful of nurses can't figure it out over a 2 month time frame. Anyone have an ultrasound that showed nothing only to go back later and see your baby?


~S~ - April 20

what kind of symptoms are you having and when did they start? Did you know that there's such a thing as Psuedo-pregnancy, it happens when females actually and truely believe they are pregnant and because they believe this so strongly, their body begins to create the same sort of hormones that pregnant woman have and when these hormones are present, they create actual symptoms such as swelling of the abdomin and b___sts, morning sickness, development of b___st milk and leaking b___st milk. It's even been reported that these ladies actually claim to feel fetal movement, but it's their body and mind, playing tricks on them, they we never actually pregnant. Maybe beacuse you believe so strongly that your pregnant, your body is actually acting on it. You should look up Pseudo-pregnancy.


Catherine - April 20

S- I really appreciate your input. It's just that I was not ttc, and woke up one morning with these symptoms. A baby was the last thing on my mind. I took a pregnancy test 1 week after feeling this way and it was negative. I figured I wasn't. But, nothing has gone away. For these reasons I don't believe it's in my head.


~S~ - April 20

Oh I see...well, I dunno what to suggest other than, wait and see? Just try to take care of your body, eat healthy, you can even take vitamines, just in case. This will be good for your baby (if you actually are pregnant) and if you're not pregnant, well then, it'll be good for you. Take care, I hope you reslove this soon, I could imagine how frustrating it must be.


... - April 20

How about getting a blood test done for HcG hormones? That can't lie no matter where the 'baby' is.


Catherine - April 20

Minx, I don't appreciate your comment. I am a married woman, and I did, indeed have s_x.


Misty - April 20

Did they perhaps check for an ectopic pregnancy. I don't know if that would show up on an u/s. If that is what you have though you really need to get it taken care of, it can kill you. If the baby were to get to big it would rupture your fallopian tube and you would bleed to death internally rather quickly. You generally feel quite a bit of pain before this happens though, so I wouldn't worry too much. Just get it checked out.


Catherine - April 20

Misty, as far as I know my OBGYN checked for everything, and she said all is clear. I have now seen 3 doctors at 4 different times so I feel comfortable that all my bases have been covered. Thank you though for your input. Btw, are you pregnant? When did you get your BFP?


Jamie - April 21

Hey, Catherine - I had a false pregnancy when I was 16 and still a virgin - ALL the symptoms, with no possibility whatsoever of me being pregnant. If it is a false preg, it'll go away.


Milissa - April 21

I have been in your boat SAME everything EVEN the doctors! I had 2 ultersounds..I was NOT pregnant' can't explain it but after I moved on and started working out again then it went away " but only to find out it was IBS. all the bloating and c___ping ex.. now after charting and trying to have a baby 1 year later I have come to know my body a little better and all the b___st sorness was from ovulating and I can almost say YOU are not pregnant! good luck to you '


Misty - April 21

I have always been lucky with that. The positive would come up right after first missed period. I also didn't get many symptoms at all. So it was always the missed period that let me know. Something is going on with you though and I hope you get the answers soon. GL.


bump - April 21



minx - April 21

who do you think you are? the freaking virgin mary?


l - April 21

To Jamie: Virgin and false pregnancy. Doesn't make any sense to me, but if u did experience that than who am I to judge.


to catherine - May 1

I think a ultrasound would show a baby.



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