Nervous About Ultrasound

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Leahp - April 26

Hi ladies, I think most women are excited for their ultrasounds, but I'm really anxious and nervous, what should I expect? After the ultrasound we meet with the doctor, why? I just want to hear that our baby is normal and healthy! Also, is the technician the one that tells us the s_x? I've just heard so many horror stories on this forum from doctors not telling the mother the s_x from, not being able to watch the screen, I would be upset! What should I expect at my 20 week u/s?


Maleficent - April 26

i've always been able to watch the screen. the tech has always been the one to tell us the baby's gender. the follow up apointment is standard. everything you hear at the followup you will have already heard from the tech. i've always found the follow up to be utterly useless, but i play along.


Nol - April 26

I'm just come back from my ultrasound and I was also very nervous about it. They let me see everything and the tech told us we're having a girl. It's scary at first because they kind of ignore you at the beginning and start spouting a load of terms, letters and numbers which you don't understand. They may look concerned, but don't worry, they are just concentrating on measuring the baby. Then comes the nice bit where they finally turn there attention on you, tell you everything is fine (hopefully!) and show you exactly what it is you're looking at. It's very exciting when you see your baby moving around and get to see it's heart beating. This is my second scan, but I was still just as nervous. Don't worry it'll be the most amazing experience you've ever had! GL!


Katharine - April 26

My u/s was at my 4 month appt, so like the other 2nd trimester appts, the doctor just measured my fundal height (?) and asked if I had any questions. THe only thing different was two minutes saying that everything was normal on the u/s. I was really lucky, though, to be able to volunteer at our local university for a student u/s tech. What an awesome experience! She and the instructor explained every measurement, why it was important and what everything was. This was great since, at my official u/s, the technician only let me see the baby for a few short moments, I a__sume because it was my second pregnancy. That was disappointing. My first pregnancy, we got to look at the baby for a long time. Also, when I volunteered, I didn't have to fill my bladder.


monica - April 26

Hi Leah I was nervous to, I got to watch the screen and see baby move and suck his thumb. Got to find out I am having another boy. Everything looked good on the u/s sometimes this appointment can take up to an hour. Just make sure you drink some orange juice before so your baby will be awake. When is your appointment?


Leahp - April 26

Hi Monica, My appointment is tomorrow! I really hope they let me watch the screen, I always get tensed up when I'm in there, but at least hubby will be along, he always speaks up! What's the trick with the orange juice?? I've heard that before!


Stephanie - April 26

The OJ wakes 'em up so they move around more.


monica - April 27

Hi Leah Just wondering how your u/s went. Monica



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