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MeM - May 31

New thread.


Karen - May 31

Hi all. So here's my story. Wasn't getting married and wasn't having kids. Now at the age of 34 I have found myself married and with my first child - a darling little girl named Kaelyn born April 3, 2006. She arrived two weeks early... :o) She was planned..but we didn't expect to become pregnant so quickly - three months off the pill and one quickie later(hehee) and we were pregnant! It was a good pregnancy although I had hoped to be thinned down when we decided to get pregnant...didn't happen. I weighed 197 prepregnancy and went to 215 (so my chart says). I attribute the weight management to being diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks. Cut down on my carb intake and eliminated all sugar from my diet - and did really well thereafter. Interestingly baby girl only weighed in at 5 lbs and 10.5 oz when born - but she was early! Things are good. She's now into her 9th week and thriving. She now weighs 10 lbs and 15 oz and is scheduled for her 2 month needle tomorrow... :o( Oh by the way - it was a v____al birth for those who care...I joined this post because weight has always been a major issue for me and this thread has been open to comments and feelings in a really respectful manner. And its become such a great support for me as I have no family in my community so at times I have felt I have gone this pregnancy and birth experience alone. I have suffered some baby blues but am pulling through. Anyone needing to share their feelings I invite them to do does help trust me. I talk with my sister regularly and its made a world of difference for me. You see I am a career oriented person and being home full time with charge of such a small creature for hours on end as been a challenge both mentally and physically. My husband has come a long way since her birth and I can truly say he has become a great father and has finally seen the dark side of postdelivery and helps me through. He takes Kaelyn in the evenings to give me a break - although I am still doing the supper prep and laundry etc...but its still a break from mentally being there for Kaelyn continously. We have recently agreed that I will return to work June 12th as I was offered my dream job. Rudy has openly taken to paternity leave until October and we have made arrangements for private daycare commencing then. Really tough decision but we are hoping it is for the best. Oh guess I should report that I had taken off all my pregnancy weight but seemed to have gained a lb or two over the last couple of days. Overeating due to the stress of life decisions I suppose! Oh well going back to work should fight the bulge! Haha. Thanks everyone and talk with you soon...newcomers to this have found a great home!


Angie in MI - May 31

Karen, congrats on your decision! I hope it works out well fo ryou.


amb - May 31

HEY HEY HEY WOW i am finally able to feakin post!!! soooo, my story, im 24 have 2 two girls, val whose 6 ellas 3 1/2 mons. ella came 6 weeks early due to pre eclampsia. she weighed 3.14 at birth and should be around 8-9 pounds by now. she goes fo rher 4 month checkup june 21st so we'll see then. i usually post alot but i cant sign on at work anymore :-( it wont let me post things are going well and thanks to everyone who thought of me!! everyones babies on the yahoo group are GORGEOUS!!! ill be posting pics here in a minute!! ella was sleepin through the night but lately is gettin up at 4am UGH!! im so tired lately. tryng to type fast cause shes getting fussy. i have her spoiled and she loves to be held. she started smiling and laughing over the weekend so thats a mile stone for her. i love reading about all your babies!!! WELCOME newcomers as well!!! see ya later


tinkri - June 1

Has everyone here already delivered? I am 30..preg with 3rd..I am have an 11yr old and 9 yr old from previous marriage. I am starting this preg at 220lbs : ( My last 2 I started at 170lbs. I am nervous about complications and just getting through the next 7 months because of the extra weight. I am 5'8". Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


MeM - June 1

Hi tink I think we've all pretty much deliveried except for a handful of us girls. I am 5' 8" - 5' 9" depending on the scale and I started my pregnancy at 255. I had some bleeding around week 20 from a ruptured vein but that's from being swollen not overweight. I too had gestational diabetes that we discovered around week 14. I'll fill in later little one is hungry


YC - June 1

Karen congrats on your decision. We are all here to support you. Though I am completely in love with being a mommy I must admit I do not know if I could do the full time stay at home mom thing. Like you I am very career oriented. Though my priorities have definitely shifted since I had Kai I do still enjoy working and interacting with adults. I have a nice set up. 2 days work from home, 3 days in the office. This is a great mix for me. I do really enjoy the adult conversation and challenges of work. We have EXCELLENT daycare. She is a close family friend and has really taken a grandma role to Kai. She has retired from the daycare biz but has taken Kai on as a favor. There are no other kids so Kai gets her full attention. I feel secure that Kai is safe while mommy and daddy are at work. I do have my days where I sit in my office wishing I were at home but I know this is best for me and I know Kai will understand later on that mommy and daddy have to work to take care of her and get her the things she needs. Going back to work will be an adjustment so give yourself time to get through all of the emotions. I think that you will find that even though work is challenging it is no where near as hard as taking care of a little one all day. Your husband will have a new appreciation for you and what you do after one day alone with Kaelyn. I am so glad that you got your DREAM JOB!!!! I am still waiting for that.


YC - June 1

Oops, I forgot my stats. I am 29. Last December 17th I had my first...a little girl named Kai. She is my world!!! I gained 61 lbs during pregnancy and have lost about 35. I have quite a ways to go. Guess what ladies....I am getting married. DB proposed a few weeks ago. I am so excited!!! It will be next May 19th. I am realizing that planning a wedding is kind of stressful. I want to lose at least 90lbs. I think that I can do that in a year. There is no way in hell I am buying a wedding dress at my current size!!!! I have total motivation now!!! I haven't been to the Yahoo site in a while. Isnt that terrible. It's my group. I will check it today. I think there were a couple more requests to join. If you want to send me an email to and I will invite you. Talk to you all later.


lynnstress - June 1

Hi everyone! My stats - I'm pretty sure I am the oldest one here. I'm 39, Jackson was born Dec. 16, 2005 - first child. I was 234 pre-preg, gained 41 lbs. in 41 weeks of pregnancy. I lost it all by 5 weeks postpartum; I'm sure b___stfeeding had the most to do with it. I'm about 10 lbs. down from my pre-preg weight now and still working on it. I'm a stay at home mom. It has its good and bad points. Luckily, I have one next door neighbor who had her first baby in March. She has also decided to stay home. We're just starting to do stuff, so hopefully we'll have a good time. ** amb, it's good to hear from you! Hopefully all is well. ** Karen, great going on the dream job! You are very lucky. ** YC, CONGRATS on the wedding! Wish I was there - I love planning parties and such! I had the bargain wedding of the 20th century. All totaled, including air fair several times, and a served steak dinner, our wedding cost under $10,000. Talk to people you know or anyone who knows anyone who can do anything for you! ** I would still love to join the yahoo group, so please try me again, and I'll send you another email. Hopefully it will work some time! ** Yesterday Jackson only napped for about an hour. I don't know if this is a phase or a new trend. He is screeching and just started babbling. Hubby swears he is saying "da-da" all the time. ** Welcome to all newcomers! We have had this theme going since last summer, and most of us have delivered. But we know what it's like to not find maternity clothes that fit, or special diet considerations, or a doctor giving you a hard time about weight. We understand. It really is a different world for those of us who are overweight. I have a girlfriend who had gastric bypa__s surgery and lost about 175 lbs. (size 32 to size 8 in about 2 years). She says she still thinks "like a fat girl." I have been up and down the scales for more than 25 years. Now I've been on the upper end for almost ten years. And I'm tired of it. And I have the best reason to get myself in shape - someone I'll have to run after soon! If Jackson takes a nap today, I'll be back to share my horror story "vacation." No vacation for me! :p


YC - June 1

Lynnstress when all is said and done we will spend about $8000-$9000. I wanted to spend only $5000 but as I started adding things up I saw how impossible that was. It will be a small wedding. I just can't justify spending tons of money on it. I always wanted something simple but nice. Sorry to hear your vacation was no rest for you. Tell us all about it when you get a chance. Oh I forgot to tell you all Kai is scootin' all over the house. It's not quite a crawl yet but she is so close. I think she will be there by her 6 month on the 17th. Time is flying by. It's time for 6 month pictures and 6 month shpts YUCK!!! I am dreading those. She is also eating solids but she does not show any interest in it at all. She is a pretty small baby. Well lean and long. All her weight is in her cheeks lol!!! I will post some new pics when I get a chance.


sophandbob - June 1

the thing that really ticks me off is that big women aren't catered for in pregnacy. Yes we are supposed to be a healthy weight when we fall pregnant, but thats not the real world. Maternity clothes are hard to come by for big women, and are more expensive, and I stand no chance to getting a maternity bra big enough. My boyf gringes, as I yell at the top of my voice in the middle of the department store "come on hunny, fat women are obviously not supposed to have babies!" There is def a niche in the market.


YC - June 1

We should all get on that and get rich!!! You are right it is difficult to find clothing. I used and to find clothing.


sophandbob - June 1

I was thinking of shopping at millets


Angie in MI - June 1

"YC... HOW EXCITING!!!! I absolutly loved planning my wedding! Have fun!!! Oh stats, I'm 28, very overweight and just had my first child in March. I had a great pregnancy minus teh m/s. I contribute that mainly to the walking and eating right... The best advise I can give you is to eat right and excersize daily. It might be hard, but it makes your pregnancy so much better! Ally is so wonderful! She is actually sleeping in her pack and play for 20+ minutes right now wooohoo... I have had trouble getting her down during the day since the inlaws were here for the weekend. She gets used to being held all of the time! Hubby just got a new job today that is closer to home so he can spend more time with Ally, its what he accutally wants to do and its alot more money. Better all around...YEAH!!! looks like we are all on a roll!!! I went back to work today to do a few things for the end of the year. It was stiffling hot in there!!! I don't know how they expect kids to learn with no a/c in this weather. Anyway, I'll get off that soapbox.


Karen - June 1

YC - Oh my GOD!! Congrats girlfriend!! I think I can call you that after I don't know how many months of intimate sharing and discussion! Oh it brings back such memories. And what a special thing to have happen after having your little one. It really puts it all together doesn't it! I'm emotional so if I sound it - I am! Umm matter how stressful a wedding can get (and how great it is) - remember one thing - the most important thing that day is your vows to one another! Savour them. And be sure to take at least 5 mins after the ceremony alone together to acknowledge your promise to one another. That's really what the day is all about. Plan ahead if you can - buy ahead if you can. Don't let anyone else tell you how your day should be - its your day. And lastly - in case you enjoy the odd cold beer - have hubby have one waiting for you in the car (if you plan to drive away from the ceremony site). I kicked back and enjoyed a cold one in the car! Haha - throw your morals out the window..its your day! And its not like you are going to be driving! Haha. My day was great except for my cake...long time right now but will share later. But again..put it aside and remembered...okay its about being the cake. And also YC - thank you for your words re: work...they meant so much...I've had alot of flack from family about my plan to return to work. You really put into perspective for me. Muchos thanks! Lynstress - do tell us about your vacation when you can! MeM - how you doin? Haha. Angie - thanks for congrats...and great news about hubby's job! Looks like life is good for many of us...and Amb...good to hear from you - but you didn't share re: goes it? Newcomers...again welcome...:o) Okay gotta go...oh 2 month needle today...will share info later today...


miami_loca - June 2

wow---YC and Karen--congrats and good wishes on all your good news! I lurked on this thread but never posted much til i had my son. I havnt posted my stats in months so Ill do it for the benefits of the newcomers and for those who forgot. Im 35---married and i live in Miami,FL. I have a daughter who will be 13 in August, and i have been recently blessed on 3-23-06 with my gorgeous son Dominic Ca__sanova. Hubby and i have been married for almost a year. I started my preg at 242, went up to 262 at delivery, which was C section, and lost it all plus 10lbs by 4 weeks PP. Domi weighed 7.6 lbs at birth and was 12lbs 12oz at his 2 month checkup. I like posting on this thread, and reading the thread. Oh and i had good luck on mat. clothing from Target. Im kind of tall (5-6) and have a long torso and for some reason the target clothes fit me good. For work---i bought slacks in a bigger size with some stretch in em from Ross. They were cheap---like 12 bucks. I actually still wear them to work. I work 2 days a week now and stay home the rest of the time and i love it! Its just enough to get me out of the house for a bit so i can have some 'adult talk time'! I work in a beauty salon so its a fun gossipy place to be! I STILL havnt started walking like i said i was going to----now i have bugs to worry about because its officially summer down here in Miami and with summer comes BUGS! I hate em! Does anyone know where the hell i can buy mosquito netting for my babys stroller?


YC - June 2

HI Miami...we just got some netting for the stroller and the pack n play at Babies R Us. They have those in FL right? Karen thanks for the tip about the cold beer. I hate beer so I will make it a margarita or something lol!!! Vows....I haven't even begun to think about writing those...we still have some time. I get b___terflies thinking about him reading his to me. I can't wait!!! I will take your advice about taking a few moments to ourself after the ceremony to reflect. It seems that the day is going to be busy busy busy so that will be nice. The place we are getting hsa an all-inclusive package. The ceremony, reception, wedding coordinator, etc. They do it all. The only thing we will have to get on our own are the bouquets, a photographer and a DJ. This takes a lot of the headache and stress out of planning. I still haven't picked colors but I found my bridesmaid dresses and luckily all the girls love them and will look great in them It's hard to find a dress that will look good on a size 2 frame and a size 20 but I think I got it.



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