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lynnstress - May 15

Hi all - thought I would create a new one while I can. Mother's Day was yesterday - how was yours? Hubby made breakfast and even managed to get me a card with a Target gift card. (I told him last month for my birthday that a gift card is better than cash - cash never gets spent on myself!) It's almost time for Jackson's second bottle of the day, then nap time and Mom's work out!


YC - May 15

Hi ladies. Mother's Day weekend was busy but great!!! The luau for db's graduation was so fun. I will post some pics of Kai on the yahoo site. She was dressed too cute!!! On Mother's Day Kai was dedicated at our church and then we had a BBQ. It was nice have both families here all weekend. I went to get a pedicure on Saturday morning and there were a mother and daughter there who had the cutest tradition. They get up every year and go have coffee (hot cocoa for the daughter) and then they go and get a manicure and pedicure. The little girl was like 10 and they had been doing it since she was 2. I can't wait to do stuff like that with Kai. I am such a girly girl LOL!!! Hope everyone's significant others spoiled them yesterday!!!


Angie in MI - May 15

Hi I had a great moms day too. I told hubby i had all i wanted him and ally! However some sleep would be nice. So he took the feedings and let me sleep in. I got flowers and breakfast too, but the best part of the day was holding my little girl and cuddling with is getting so big. I cant believe we have her two month appt this week!!!! We are also getting her pictures taken at JcPenny this weekend. I hope they will let me change her outfit. Have any of you done this? I figure I'm paying though they should let me do what I want, ha! We'll see!


YC - May 15

My sister is a photographer at JC penny. As far as I know you can change outfits.


MeM - May 15

I ended up posting on the other thread. I ended up making it back. I'm glad everyone had a good weekend. I too need to get pictures of ryan done. I shoudl shower, it's only 3 pm...haha. bye ladies!


jas - May 15

Ohyao goziamasu, ladies! I hope your mothers day was great! Mine was ok. My 11 yr old made me a cook book. I love teachers, but I wish they would come up with something other then a cook book... I have 8 of them :) He makes me one every year. Don't get me wrong, I love them with all my heart! I just don't cook all that well and don't like to. I guess when Jadon grows up and goes to school, I'll get more cook books :) We had a quiet day. Nathan (my 11 yr old) was at a boy scout camp out over the weekend which ended with a mothers day breakfast at the camp site with skits and songs which was really cool! Other then that, it was a typical day with laundry, trying to calm a coliky baby... Angie - how is your lo face doing? I saw on the infant board she had baby acne... Jadon's is cleared up with the help of some cream from the doctors. Lynnstress - is your lo is like mine he will sleep a lot if not most of the trip, but I would plan on stopping when you need to for him. My lo gets carsick when we eats while we are moving... I think that's more of a mess you will want to deal with on the road. Also, putting him in the playpen for naps is a great idea to get him used to it for when you get there for sleeping. Crud... Jadon is screaming again... They do outgrow this, right??


MeM - May 16

Morning ladies! What can you do for baby acne Ryan has been breaking out really bad, I'm glad I'm not alone. We've been up early today, for some reason ryan was up once more tha__sual last night. He also ate one oz less with every bottle. Most of the time he eats 4 1\2oz about every 3 hours but he would only eat 3 - 3 1\2. I posted more pics on yahoo. I hope more poeple join!! I should get some rest while he's sleeping. Bye ladies! :)


YC - May 16

jas- they do grow out of it. Hang in there. I know what you are going through. Kai is my first and none of the other babies I had ever been around were colicky so it was soooo hard. She actually grew out of it at 10 weeks. It was just like the dr. day she was screaming and the next dayno screaming and the colic was gone. Two of the things that really helped were gripe water and the book "Happiest Baby on the Block". Those two things were life savers and really helped me get through those long nights with a screaming baby. MeM Kai had baby acne but I guess it wasn't to bad. The dr. said I just had to wait it out. She also breaks out on her face really easy so he told us to use Eucerin lotion which you can get at Walmart or Target. That stuff works great. We are now dealing with the constant drool. She has been teetthing for a while now. We use Aquaphor on her little cheeks because they get chapped.


miami_loca - May 16

I got to sleep in on moms day also and it was awesome! I got breakfast made for me as well. Really nice, plus roses and balloons, and a sweet handmade card from my 13 yr old daughter. Great day--im blessed. I was wondering how Karen and Angie were doing with thier babies mucus problem. My son is almost 8weeks now and still is rattling mucus in his throat. he also sqeaks when he breathes, but only when awake. When hes deeply asleep, no sqeeking. Its weird. Im starting to think maybe its a sinus problem, like the nasal pa__sages are too small, but i cant see why hed still be snotty. This is driving me nuts. How are you guys doing?


Karen - May 16

Hi all - I posted on the other thread re: Mom's Day but will share that it was a quiet day - well actually a PJ day for me. Rudy got up with Kaelyn and did the dad thing while I slept. I awoke to a child who I believed was being murdered...but in fact it was her and her Dad chatting...she's very vocal with him even at just 6 weeks! She makes the most peculiar sounds. Rudy made breakfest and presented me with a card from Kaelyn along with some sweets and a picture frame with a pic of Kaelyn inside - nothing grandeur but simple and was quite nice. I am pleased to report that Rudy spent much of the weekend with Kaelyn giving me lots of time to myself...even had my hair done Saturday. He also got up last night to help which I didn't think he would do since its the beginning of the work week...he did it Monday too! Perhaps he has come around - I was rather pleased and impressed with his help and he's so awesome with Kaelyn..makes me proud. I love watching them together. He even takes her out to the garage with him and they fix stuff! I've been rather hard on him and not that I am saying he didn't deserve it...but I think working together is a much better way than waiting for him to screw up! I've relaxed on the whole issue which I think he's now opening more to being a dad. I have no complaints at this point...he's maturing into his new role. As am I. Well ladies - Kaelyn is now 6 weeks+. For new comers - she was born April 3rd (2 weeks early) and weighed in at 5 lbs + 10.5 oz (19 inches). I had gestational diabetes but must have done too good a job with controlling my diet...she was small for a person with GD! But I am happy to report that as of May 11th she weighed 9 lbs 2 oz. She feeds every 2-4 hours and often intakes about 3 - 4 oz.. She's a relatively good baby - cries only when its a must. Thank goodness but I know this could change. She was waking 2 x night for feeds but the last 2 nights she only awoke 1x and the next time was a 6 a.m....usually it was 4 a.m. or so...not sure what is up with that. She naps shortly in the morning with a longer nap in the afternoon. Miami - you asked about the mucus problem - well its still a problem. More so after the second feed. We elevated her ba__sinet but found that actually did nothing for her - the car seat trick...didn't work very well either. I actually ended up bringing her to bed with us to hold her upright...she liked this. But I have not had in our bed for the past 3 nights..trying to rid her of the habit of sleeping with us. I was told that its likely due to immature nasal pa__sages and that she should grow out of it as her nasal pa__sages develop. The midwife routinely checks to make sure its not in her chest - which it is not. A drug can be prescribed but docs are less likely to do it if its really only an issue at night...which in our case is the case. I don't want to put Kaelyn on meds for something that may bother me more than it does her...but we are monitoring and will consider it if we have to - she meets with the pediatrician in 2 weeks. So as for me...weight loss has plateaued and I do hope to join others in some weight loss I said I bought a pair of jeans that I really want to fit into by month's end..but may need to give myself into June! Haha. My problem has been that I had bad hemmroids followed by a golf ball sized hematoma down below...which is now finally self-absorbing so I've been limited in my activities. I am relieved to know that soon things should be back to normal - oh and started my period yesterday! Oh prepregnancy weight was 197 - now at 198...was at 215 at end of pregnancy. Well should go..gonna go to a support group for moms and with you all later...take care.


YC - May 16

Kren sounds like your husband and my boyfriend were on the same page. I also got a picture frame. It's a beautiful collage frame that he had engraved and has all these little things on it that represent Kai and I. It was very thoughtful.


Angie in MI - May 16

Jas/MeM, Ally's acne was pretty bad for about a weekend but has calmed down. There are still bumps here and there but not the redness. I'm not worried about it anymore. The doc told me that if it got bad I could put 1/2 hydrocortozone cream on it. I didn't try that though. Miami.... Ally's mucus is good most days. We moved her into her crib and put the vaporizor very close to her bed and it seems to have helped. I'm still not convinced that some of it isn't allergies. She has redness around her eyes alot. Ally also makes weird sounds like there is mucus in the back of her throat. That scared me the most, but when I asked her ped about it she mimiced the sound and asked if that was what i heard. It was a very close imitation of it! She told me most babies do that and not to worry about it! It is all so unknown and scary! We have Ally's 2 month appt on Friday so I'm going to ask more abaout the allergies then. We'll see!


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Hello all!! I'm new here the Plus size caught my eye! So is this for plus size women who are pregnant? Just wondering! I'm plus size and pregnant with my first. I'm 21 weeks! Can I join?


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Oh and one more thing. Las night my husband and I went to the mall because I found that JCPenny has extended sizes online for maternity. Well they didn't have it in the store. Only online is what the lady said as she looked at me like I was a cow. So then we went to Sears and found they have plus size but out of about 15 racks of maternity clothes only 2 of them had plus size. Found 1 shirt. And then we saw they had a Motherhood Maternity in the mall so we went and they didn't have plus size at that store. By that time my husband was really irritated and said to the lady "Do you think plus size women don't wear clothes or something this is ridiculous!". It was quite funny but I was proud for him standing up for me. Anyways hopefully it's fine if I join! Have a great day!


YC - May 17

Ddvinson3 welcome!!! SUre you can join. I started this thread about a year ago when I was pregnant. Most of us have been talking to one another for a while now. There are a few that are pregnant and the rest of us had our babies in the last 6 months or so. My little one is 5 months old today. Best of luck to you with your pregnancy. We look forward to chatting with you!


YC - May 17

We all had issues with maternity clothes to. I shopped Motherhood Maternity and Fashion Bug online. They both have plus size maternity clothes. What stae do you live in?


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Wow that is so cool that y'all have kept in touch! That's really great! And by the way I live in Georgia! So Fashion Bug has maternity clothes? That's neat we have those here.



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