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lynnstress - October 15

Hello ladies! Who can believe it's the middle of October already? I only know because today is my sister's birthday, and I'm having the family over for lasagna dinner and birthday cake. Cutest idea for cake I've seen lately is 24 cupcakes all frosted together like a cake - no cutting involved! Also a great idea for a kiddie party. I ordered one from my local Super Target bakery, half white cupcakes and half chocholate, so everybody will be happy. Hope everybody has a great weekend!


MeM - October 15

Good morning ladies! Just to update everyone I'm 14 weeks 5 days (due 04/11) pregnant and my preprgnancy weight was 255. I now weigh 261. This is my first baby and I'm very excited!! I'm not showing yet but I'm am getting rounder and my jeans aren't fitting me ... but that's ok who doesn't like sweat pants :)


lynnstress - October 15

Hi Mem - good to hear from you! Thanks for reminding me to add my info - I'm 38 years old, 32 weeks pregnant with our first - it's a boy! - and I was approx. 234 pre-pregnancy. Last weigh in was 252, but I think that was a lot of water weight or lunch! I will probably buy one more pair of maternity pants, since I'm heading into December in the north. I can wear my old pajama pants around the house or to my parents house, but I refuse to wear them out in public. Stacy and Clinton won't get me for that!


randi - October 16

hi my name is randi im 18 years old and married. Im 20 weeks pregnant and this is my first. Im verry excited. i weighed 190 pr-pregnancy and the last time i went to the doctor 4 weeks ago i weighed 199. I go this wed. to find out what im having and to get mesurements done. Im so excited.


lynnstress - October 17

Hi randi, welcome to the show. This Wednesday I have my 32- week appointment. I'll have to ask them when the visit frequency changes - now I'm still at every four weeks. Have a great Monday!


b - October 17

Hello all, updat about myself I'm 26, first baby (so me and hubby are very excited), 19 weeks, 240 pre-preg weight, haven't gained any lost two pounds last appointment, next appointment is on the 25th. We get to find out what our little one is. Feeling movement, still light, no football kicks to the ribs yet, but I hear that's not far away. Hello Randi, glad you joined us. Hope all is doing well. Lynnstress hope your appt goes well.


MeM - October 17

I think my doctor said that once I'm in my 24th week I believe they start doing every 2 weeks and then at at 32 weeks you go every week. But every doctor is different, I don't see the point in going every 2 weeks. I was a little sick over the weekend, saturday had a really bad headache almost a migraine and sunday I was nausous. But today I feel excellent! :) How is everyone today?


Grumpy - October 17

Oh ladies please help!!! I can't believe this okay so...... i'm a real dumby!!! Saturday night i was feeling really ugly and what not.....My husband and i were cudling and what ever one thing led to another..... The condom broke!!!! i delived 4 weeks ago tomorrow how likely am i...??? im so scared right now..... Please girls help!


lynnstress - October 17

Grumpy - your best bet is to call your doctor's office and see what they say. I hope everything is okay for you!


b - October 17

I agree with lynnstress. You need to call your doctor and discuss this with him. Hope everything goes okay!!


YC - October 17

Good morning everyone. About the frequency of appointments. My doctor starts seeing me every two weeks after week 36. This seems late compared to a lot of others...hmmm. Grumpy, I am not sure either. I would call the doctor a.s.a.p. I have a friend who delivered early Feb. and is due again at the end of December. I am not trying to scare you. I just know it can happen. Welcome Randi! Well, we go for our 3D/4D Ultrasound tonight. I am nervous and excited. Oh yeah, my stats are age 29, pregnant with our first, a baby girl due 12/17/05. Weighed 237 to start and am now WAY more than that! I just realized I started this thread way back in June and it is still going. How exciting. Thanks Lynstress for doing a new one the 1st and 15th of every month!


amb - October 17

Good Afternoon Ladies, I went to the doc last thursday and Im 16 weeks and 3 days as of today! due on march 21st! woohoo! i go for my US Nov 10th, Im sooo excited!!! I had a busy weekend and am feelin the pain now! im sooo tired!! lots of people and kids around and it wasnt a holiday or birthday so it was really nice and hang out! i hope this week brings everything good days!! oh and i guess my horomones are kicking in, my poor husband is getting it :-) i made his lunch this morning but he was running late so he said hed grab a bite out and i started crying! it was so funny. he came over and hugged me and then proceeded to take his lunch with him!! lmao it was funny after all was done!


lynnstress - October 17

Hi b, YC and amb - good to hear from all of you! YC, did they change your due date? I thought you were closer to me - I'm due Dec. 9. I always tell hubby when it's hormones. Most times he's just being jerky. Our joke is that he has to learn to stop p__sing me off. After 10 years, you'd think he would have clued into that by now...!


Kimmy - October 17

Hi everyone! I am 27 and 34 weeks along with our first ... a boy :) I weighed 275 pre-preggo and am now 281. So I havnt gained much and am looking VERY obviously pregnant! Cant wait for the little guy to get here...good luck all and look forward to hearing from you :)


me - October 17

i didnt want to put my name cause this is embra__sing.... okay ladies, i got um a yicky question but i would rather talk to you all about it then out there in the mean world LOL i have noticed that once in a great while when i finish peeing and i wipe i have this snot lookin stuff on the toliet paper..... i know i dont have an std or yeast infection... anyone else this before???


MeM - October 17

It's nice to have some new comers!! I'm glad people seem to think that we are nice, and thats the way the forum should be. But when you are pregnant usually you have increased v____al discharge. If it's green you should call the dr and could be an infection, but sometimes that just happens from the prenatal vitamins too. Ladies I have a question, when you get further along around 20 weeks and have an ultra sound, can they pick up any birth defects with the baby? I think about the at least once a day, what if... kinda thing. thanks


MeM - October 18

Also what are some good questions to ask at my next appt...I had some and forgot to write them down. :)



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