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lynnstress - September 30

Good morning to all. I'm making this new thread one day early because I have a very busy weekend scheduled - baby shower with friends tomorrow! I wish everyone could have the beautiful autumn weather I'm having right now - sunny days with highs in the mid to upper 70s and lows in the 50s at night. Today my friend (who's here from out of state for the weekend) and I are going shopping and cavorting around town. Hope everybody has a great weekend.


M.A. - September 30

That sounds fun. I hope I get to go on a shopping spree around next month. I hope you have fun, and have a blessed party!


MeM - September 30

Good morning!! Have a good weekend lynnstress...don't overwhelm yourself. Weather wise it's nice the 60's which I dont' mind, better than being hot. Hope everyone has a good weekend


b - September 30

Hello everyone. Hope all is well!! Just wanted to wish lynnstress a great shower and shopping with her friend. I hope your weekend is great. Still waiting to feel the baby move. I will be 16 weeks tomorrow. I can't wait to feel the little munchkin. Hope all has a very blessed and safe weekend.


lynnstress - October 3

bump - will try to come back later this evening!


MeM - October 3

Good morning ladies! How was everyone weekend? I was nervous for mine...spotted in the morning on Sunday but dr. says it was probably just intercourse ... still nerve racking. But it only happend once. Then later that day I got so dizzy that I just had to sit down...this has never happend to me before. I'm still paranoid, can't wait too have another ultrasound. Lynnstress how was the babyshower? Enough of me rambling...hope to hear from everyone :)


b - October 3

Good Monday morning to all. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Lynnstress hope your shower went well! MeM sorry to hear about your spotting. I too had spotting but I was about 8 weeks, it only happened that one time and the doctor said everything was fine. Haven't had any since. Hope all is well with everyone.


randi - October 3

Hi everyone! How is everyone feeling. Me good but my back hurts from me falling. I havent been on for a while so i thought i would see how you ladys are doing. How was your baby shower Lynnstree? How far along are you now?


randi - October 3

Oh yea, When did all you ladys stsart showing? Im worried i wont, im now 199 was 193 before or a little less cant remember. I want to show so bad so i thought i would see when some of you ladys did???? Good luck and God bless to you all


amb - October 3

good morning everyone! how was everyones weekend? mine was good. today is my daughters 6th birthday! so we had a party for her on sat, it was alot of fun. and i had a final due sat night, im in college full time. well lynnstress i hope your baby shower was the best :-) yall have a good day


to MeM - October 3

I had the same thing happen to me last weekend, except it wasn't just spotting. I talked to the nurse and she a__sured me it was just him bumping into my cervix during intercourse. I see the Dr on Thursday, do you think she will examine me?


Angie - October 3

Just need to vent a little bit. I was conserned about my weight gain (31 w and gained 28lbs). I went to the dr today and she was pretty mean about it. She told me that I basically can only eat meat and vegetables (not potatoes) and drink only water. She said not carbs what so ever- including fruit. I asked if that was bad for the baby to be on a diet like that and she said being overweight is worse for the baby. I am 5'-10". Pre- preg. I was 222. Now I am 250. A lot of peopel tell me I don't look too overweight and that is just my body type, but the OB says I am obese. I also mentioned to her that I have cut back on the eliptical machine to 10 minutes instead of 20 min. cuz I get short of breath. She told me to see my reg dr about my asthma. I told her it wasn't the asthma- I know what that feels like. I am not getting the tightness in my cheast, just getting winded. I am also measureing 35 cm when I should be around 31cm. I was so upset after seeing her- I just needed to vent. Is it bad of me to go against my doctor and keep eating a well balanced diet and exercising what I can? ugh!


MeM - October 3

What do you mean it wasn't just spotting? It only happend once for me ... but I go to the dr on wednesday a week early because I called and was really upset. I dunno what to expect...I just keep thinking something bad is gonna happen. Today I just felt like I had a nervous break down...doing ok now.


TO Angie - October 3

I would get a second opinion!!! That doc sounds like a quack! I was 203 ppw and am now 213 (I'm 5'6) and the first thing my doctor told me was yes, I am obease, but we were not going to worry about weight. Just a healthy pregnancy. I don't understand what your doctor is thinking unless there is an underlying problem (diabeties, hypertension, etc) to put you on a special diet, but if everything is ok - I would get another opinion and keep eating healthy. To include fruit. I couldn't imagine giving up apple juice. When I was pregnant with my son it was those chillie cheese burittos at Taco bell - this one loves apple juice. I have asthma too and getting winded has nothing to do with it. I really think she is off her rocker and I would see someone else. Unless you are stuck with a military doctor and don't have a choice, in which case I would do what feels right to you barring those exceptions I mentioned earlier and take care of yourself like YOU know how.... Good luck! js..


b - October 4

Hello everyone!! Just checking to see how everyone is doing. I'm fine I think the heartburn is starting to kick in. Seems like everything I eat gives me the heartburn. Maybe the baby will have a lot of hair...LOL. Hope all is well with everyone; have a great day!!


MeM - October 4

Good morning ladies! My nerves are better today!! Just can't wait for my dr. appt tomorrow. Not too many people have been latley, hope we can get some more. Have a great day! :)


Charlene - October 4

Hi all, Sorry to her of your troubles MeM. I was having some bleeding after s_x awhile back and we have been taking it easy- that seems to help. Hopefully it is nothing, so hang in there. I am just getting over a nasty cold that hit so fast. It has been really tough when you cannot take anything :( I am sure baby has been bounced around while I cough like crazy. Early in the season so I hope I don;t get to omany of these. I have my u/s this friday and am glad, but worried too. Hoping that everything is ok. I am 18 weeks today :) Have been trying to eat as I know how important it is for baby, but sure is tough when you are sick. About weight gain.....I am not sure where I am at now, but after my first Dr visit I lost 4 lbs and she was not very happy with that. Eat as well as you can and concentrate on the weight after...get a 2nd opinion. This Dr does not sound like someone I would want to deliver my baby. Hope everyone's day is a good one!!!



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