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lynnstress - March 2

Hi ladies! I decided to make this one since it's March - who can believe that! My info: I was 234 pre-preg; gained 41 lbs. during 41 weeks of pregnancy. My son was born 12/16/05 (a whopping 9 lbs., 1 oz.) and he is thriving. Jackson will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. I lost all my preg weight at about 4 or 5 weeks postpartum. I really think it was mostly due to br___tfeeding. I've also lost maybe another 5 lbs. on top of that. Is it time to hand the torch of new thread-making over to another mom-to-be? It's easier for someone not so close to her due date to make new rthreads. Any volunteers? Hope everyone continues to feel good and be happy!


lynnstress - March 2

Also - hope no one minds that I made this one!


MeM - March 2

Lynnstress thank you so much for making the thread!! Since I've taken over I dont' think I've ever made a thread on time!! Yesterday was a busy day for me, I had my dr, appt in the a.m. then we spent the whole day at the dmv trying to get my db car on the road, what a trip that was. We were there three times and had to do running to where you bought the car which is 40 mins away, we finally got home around 6. SOrry guys, hope no one is mad. My appt went well, heart rate was in the 140's don't know how mych weight I gained tho. WEll ladies, I have to clean, the house is a mess for some reason!! I'll check back :)


Angie in MI - March 2

Hi Ladies, I hope that everyone is doing well! I can't belive how close March 18th is getting. I went to the bathroom today and had a snotty discharge. Very little. I'm wondering if this is the start of my mucus plug!?! AHH!HH!! I was at a meeting of about 200 people at the time so then I started worrying if my water would break. How embara__sing. HA! I know it is totally not likely but you never know! Anyhow, I can't wait to see my little girl. I'm so excited today! Hope everyone is doing well.


Karen - March 2

Heh gals...guess we are running out of members on this site...yikes...I'd elect to help with postings...but am due April 16th and to be honest...I'm not sure that I would have the mind to stay on top of things...I post when I can. Still working full time and being a student in the evening so really quite busy still...hope to wind things down come March 27th or so...going to work half days til the 31st and then go on official leave! Horray! I was 197 prepregnancy...had gained 20 lbs at 28 weeks and then learned I had gestational diabetes and then lost 7 lbs but learned yesterday that I have gained one lb back - I am now 33 weeks and 4 days. Don't yet know the s_x...its killing me...but we do have names picked out for either. Feeling not to bad but definitely getting tired. Don't know if I will go to 40 weeks as I seem to recall the midwife saying that if I didn't pa__s my sugar tests then I wouldn't go to 40 weeks...she still hasn't really answered my question as THEN WHEN??? I see her again next week so maybe she will have more answers...we'll see. Baby is measuring for my number of weeks so that's I guess the diet restrictions are working - no sugar! Its quite terrible..I am dreaming of chocolate cake. And boy do I crave a cold beer!! Haha. Well I have to run yet again..time to find out what's for dinner and then fall back into my studies..I lead such an interesting and wild life!! Glad to hear everyone is good...thanks for those who keep this post running... :o)


YC - March 3

Hello ladies. Hmmm, my stats (which I am sure you all know)...I am 29, had my first child, a beautiful little girl on 12/17/05. I gained 61lbs during pregnancy and have since lost 40. We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas in November so I will be really working on getting the rest of the weight off and then some!!! Little Kai is doing great. I think we have officially finished the colicky stage THANK GOD!!! She has been sleeping through the night for about a week now and I am starting to feel human again. I have to go back to work on 3/13. Where did the time go? I hate to leave her but I know I was lucky to have 12 weeks home with her. I will only be in the office 3 days a week and two days from home so I guess it shouldn't be to bad. We also have an excellent sitter. I hope it all goes well. It will be such a big adjustment putting on grown up clothes and going to work ha!ha! Sounds like everyone is doing well. Sure is getting quiet around here. It's harder and harder to get on once that little bundle of joy comes home! Talk to you all soon!


Shell - March 3

Hello Ladies. I am 31 years old, 16 (almost 17) weeks pregnant. I started off this pregnancy at 222 pounds. I went yesterday for my prenatal appointment and I have gained nothing! I eat healthy, but I am not sure why I haven't gained anything at all. My stomach has started popping out some. The doctor said the baby sounded fine and that I shouldn't worry because I'll probably even out in the end. This is my second pregnancy, and with my son, I know I had gained at least some weight by this point. Anyone else have little to no weight gain at almost 17 weeks?


Tess - March 3

Hi Ladies! Im 24 yrs old and Im 29 wks pg w/ my 1st child. My ppw was 180 lbs and right now I weigh 198 lbs. When I went to my Dr. appt this morning he told me that Im measuring 2 wks ahead (31 wks) nothing to be alarm but he wanted to do an u/s on my next visit. 3/24 and that will be my 4th u/s. (sooo happy) we are expecting a baby girl on the way..they took a urine sample too just to make sure. My baby's hb is 145 right now.


Angie in MI - March 3

Hi Tess, Welcome. I hope that u/s goes well. I'm expecting my little girl in two weeks. It is our first! I can't wait!


lynnstress - March 4

I leave for vacation is less than 24 hours! I still have to pack. Doing laundry and training Daddy on daily care and feeding. He's apprehensive (to say the least), but he will be fine. I told him that if I didn't think he could care for his own son, I would not be going on vacation. He said "I can DO it, I'm just afraid he'll cry and be fussy non-stop because YOU'RE not here!" That shouldn't be an issue at all. Jackson is a very good and good-natured baby. And we are still seeking another volunteer to take over making new threads! Any takers??? Have a great week everyone - I know I will! :)


Angie in MI - March 4

Lynn, Have a great trip to Las Vegas (i think that is where you are going). I'm sure Jackson's dad will do just fine! Although, I can see where it would be scary. As far as the threads, I'd do it, but I'm due in two weeks so I doubt that would help much.


lynnstress - March 4

Hey Angie - Thanks for the offer, and I know how difficult it is. I made the new threads until about 2-4 weeks before my due date. If no one can really take over, maybe it will be just be on a who-can-do-it-this-time basis. New threads are made on the 1st and 15th of each month, so each thread doesn't become a bajillion entries long, and so we can try to keep up with everyone. And yeah, I'm going to Vegas, baby! As a matter o' fact, I must go and do my final errands and then come back home and pack!


Karen - March 4

Hi gals...I think that's a good idea Lynnstress...anyone who notes that its either the 1st or the 15th...and no new thread has been started...feel free..unless of course some newcomers who still have a ways to go wanted to jump in...gosh I wish I was going to Vegas...I've been twice and loved each trip...I've been trying to talk hubby into it for awhile and still no luck...he's really not the travelling kind. I joked the other day and said the girls are planning a trip...he said "enjoy" maybe that's what I should do...plan a are my motivator! Anyways..welcome to any newcomers...its good to have you and share in your journey. Today instead of doing school work...34 years old and taking a second degree...anyways...I've decided instead to transfer all the baby stuff from our closet to the nursery as the rug is in now and the furniture is all set looks like a nursery...I'm fact I cried when hubby had completed all the a__sembly..he had tears was precious. I'm also washing all the receiving blankets and other blankets and things...and have realized I don't actually have alot of outfits/sleepers for newborns...more for 13 lbs and up..yikes...should I go get some..I've only actually got one or two..I still can't believe it...that that's all I picked up!! Charlene and Lynnstress and YC...are you using many onsies? And how quickly will they grow into the 13 lb items...???Help...I think I am starting to panic...haha.


MeM - March 5

MOrning ladies! Lynnstress I hope you have a great time on your vacation, and hubby will do fine! Karen it's getting close for us now! i'm getting so excited! I cant' wait, I want baby to come at 37 weeks, I know I'm But knowing my luck I will go a week over, I was thinking about asking the dr, what she can do to help bring on labor and how soon she would try it. I just cant' believe I made it to 35 weeks already, feels a month ago I was worried about getting to the 12 week mark. IT's funny because I thought once i was in my 'safe' zone that I would stop yea right. I still worry but not as much. At least now I have kicks to remind me everything is ok, I still have worries about birth defects and stuff but I think that's normal. I was going through the baby clothes last night and I was try ing to pick an outfit out to go home in for the baby. YC and Lynnstress did you guys take the baby home in pj's or an actualy outfit? I was thinking of just doing something that is g oing to be comfortable. As for me, I dont' care what I look like..haha. Too be honest with you I dont' remember the last time I even put on makeup, I'm looking rough these days. I thought that now that I was off from work I would start to make myself feel better by doing my hair and makeup but once I get out of the shower I let my hair air dry and don't feel like doing makeup. Not like I have anyone to impress anyway. I feel like I can breath a little better the last couple days but baby is still high and hasnt' dropped yet. Well ladies I have some things I have to get done today, I wil, check back later. :)


YC - March 5

MeM....reading your posts you remind me of myself. I remember feeling exactly like you...can't breathe, dont feel like putting on make up, etc ha!ha! It all seems like yesterday...I can't belive my little munchkin is 11 weeks old already. I brought her home in an outfit. Actully it was a sleeper (no feet) with matching booties and a hat.


jas - March 5

Hi all! Been a while since I posted here... ppw 204 currently 36 weeks and holding at 230 for the past three weeks. Probably due to the GD diet. I am on my LAST week of work!! Woohoo! I had three weeks vacation built up (there's a name for people like me... ummm... work-a-haolic? lol) so I am going to take that. Talked to the doctor Friday and she said they can put me in for 10 weeks for recovery. Since I am in Japan, I am not included in the FMLA with my company (which I've been with for 5 years) but I am allowed short term disability. With the note for 10 weeks plus my three for vacation, I think that works out pretty good. Soooo much to do at work (pretty much decided to take the vacation this weekend when I started having a few contractions and my morning sickness came back) and then sooo much to do at home to get ready for little one. You can't tell the dining room was a dining room anymore at least. It slowly starting to come together as a nursery. YC - what did you NOT bring with you to the hospital you wish you did? I am starting to put things together to take to the hospital and pretty much got the obviouse things... Always feel like I am missing something.


YC - March 6

Hi Jas, I didnt ake any magazines or anything to entertain myself. My labor was 57 hours. 19 of that was active (with an epidural). I couldnt leave the bed and also couldn't really sleep. Hospital t.v. was limited. Other than that I brought so uch stuff I didnt use. Had so much stuff for the baby and they provided it all. Brought all my toiletries and most of that was provided to. Better safe than sorry though.



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