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valentine22 - June 5

Hi, I've been reading posts on this topic, but I haven't found the answers I need... the situation is this- I got a new job one week ago, and I found out today I'm pregnant. I must only be about two weeks along based on my last period. My health insurance (which includes maternity) will not kick in until the first of next month, which is only 25 days away. My question is, if I go to an OB-GYN after my insurance kicks in, will I still have to wait out the preexisting condition wait period? Will my doctor tell the insurance company that I was pregnant before even though I will only be like six weeks along? What if I act like I didn't know- does insurance go by the actual date you became pregnant, or by when you first schedule the OB-GYN appt. and find out? Another option I'm considering is just lying to the doctor about when I got my last period- what so you think about this and will the doctor know anyway exactly when I got pregnant? I should also mention that I didn't have health insurance for the last three months- after quitting a job that had health insurance, I got a job at a company that had a ninety day waiting period before getting insurance and I had to quit before the 90 days was up because the company was a mess. So I get this new job and now this happens. Also, my husband and I make too much money to apply for Medicaid, but we definitely can't afford thousands in medical bills. Please help, what should I do? Just not say anything and go to the doctor when my insurance kicks in? I need a loophole.


Jessicab3 - June 5

I may be wrong but I think insurance companies can't consider a pregnancy a pre-existing condition. Does your employer have an HR person in charge of benefits? That would be the person to ask. Or call the insurance company and give them "what if I am preggo?" kind of question. You don't have to tell them you are pregnant. I wouldn't lie to your doc, they will figure out eventually by u/s or exam and its important to get the right prenatal care at the right time.


mjvdec01 - June 6

Pregnancy DOES NOT fall under the pre existing conditions heading. Don't worry about that at all. It would be illegal for the insurance company to do that.



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