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looby lou - February 13

hi there, im 8 wks yesterday and always tyred and grumpy. I get such horrible stomach aches wind, wind, wind... im going the loo some days 3 times and im still not right. i have a good balanced diet. I have a 5 yr old and although i know every pregnancy is different i never had anything with him...dose anyone else experience this and have any tips???


britt_m - February 13

Sorry you've got the "blahs." My worst time has been about 8-14 weeks. Morning sickness, I ate I felt like getting sick, I didn't eat I felt so awful and icky. The tired and grumpiness sucked too, I'm 22.6 weeks and still so grumpy (poor dh, hehe) and my head starts bobbing from being tired about 1:30. I still get a few bouts of ickiness, lol, like once a week. I don't care for saltines, so I do Ritz crackers and also it seems for me, if you don't drink anything right away in the morning like b4 you eat anything helped. Your bodies trying to adjust, sorry I don't have any tips for you? Good Luck!


salk - February 13

i am 21 weeks and still so sick. throw up every night. and sometimes day too. no food is good but if i don't eat i get sicker. heartburn and constipation too. but grumpiness and tiredness are gone. i no longer fall asleep at 5:00 or 6:00 pm. and my moodiness is much better, hang in there. and maybe you will be one of the lucky ones whose morning sickness goes away. i was pregnant 20 years ago with my son and was NEVER going to get pregnant again because i was so sick the whole time. actually weighed 1 lb. less when i gave birth than when i got pregnant. But there was an accident this fall and here I am pregnant at 39 with a 20 year old son. I was so hoping like everyone says every pregnancy is different. no such luck for me. still sick. But I am almost positive the tiredness and grumpiness will go away for you by week 12 or maybe 16. Good luck.


looby lou - February 14

thanx for your reply's good luck with the rest of your preggies!!



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