New Pet Peeves While Pregnant

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mandee25 - May 6

My number one new pet peeve while pregnant is when someone lights up a cigarette in front of me knowing I am a non smoking pregnant woman. This is the ultimate thing that p___ses me off and I just need to vent because my sister in law did this not too long ago and I fantasized about grabbing the cigarette and stomping the c__p out of Ok y'all can now tell me how crazy I sound but I HATE rude people like that. HOW INSENSITIVE??????


GraceRenee - May 6

LOL... Mandee... I get annoyed when people smoke in front of me when I am NOT pregnant. It is incredibly rude. But to do it in front of a pregnant woman... unbelievable.


singlem0m - May 6

HAHA I don't blame you Mandee, ever since I have found out I'm pregnant I have been a psycho chic! If someone did that to me I'll probably give them some ideas on what they could do with their cigarette. But yes, it was very rude of her to do that to you.


frankschick2001 - May 8

It is insensitive, but hey, there are people out there who are simply......insensitive. Just ask them to put it out, or just get up and leave the room.


mandee25 - May 18

My MIL put a sign up at her home on Mother's Day when the whole family was there that said No Smoking Indoors even though she smokes herself so that was cool. I totally appreciated that!


angie m - May 18

I would be upset too. Just wait tell after you have the baby it is even worse then. I was a a small town parade, I was siting there with my new born right next to me in his stroller and someone light up right next to us. I could see the smoke and it was going up and away from us but when an ash fell off onto him I was so upset. I'm not the type to go off on other people so I just got up and moved but was shocked that some people don't pay attention to anyone but them selfs.


Jennifer28 - May 18

Once I found out I was pg I became an ex-smoker. Most of my friends - the ones I have told I am pg - are VERY conscious about smoking around me. But what bothers me the most is the SMELL. It is horrible. DH is still smoking - although he cut down a LOT - and when he comes inside or comes home I can tell right away he has recently had a cig. I hate it. I hope it continues to bother me even after I give birth. I don't ever want to smoke again. ;)


ssf70 - May 19

I quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant. My husband still smokes. We never smoked in the cars or the house so that is not an issue. When he comes in from smokig, it grosses me out! I can't believe I smelled that way. Mentally, I still want to smoke but will not dare do it while I am pregnant. I hope to never start back. It really is disgusting!


Jennifer28 - May 19

I don't want to smoke - until we're around all of our friends b/c most of the time, it triggers my m/s. It has been one of the only 'blessings' of morning sickness. ;)


venus_in_scorpio - May 19

the smoking thing p__ses me off too because anyone who knows me knows im pregnant and that i just quit a few weeks ago so theyre just being insensitive. Ialso suddenly hate my husbands friends calling my house late at night its like yo, f* you im sleeping here!!! never bothered me before.


nikki_firstimepregnant - May 19

I know what you mean mandee. I use to smoke but quit the day i found out that i am pregnant and now i HATE it when people smoke around me. My boyfriend still smokes and we live together but he is kind enough to go outside but i can still smell it on him when he comes in. it disgusts me!!


venus_in_scorpio - May 19

my man smokes stil too and he smells AWFUL when he comes in from smoking sometimes I tell him to stay away from me because the smell is enough to trigger my nausea.


Jennifer28 - May 19

LOL Venus! It's funny b/c phone calls after 9 p.m. weren't considered late to me until I got pg! But, now they p__s me off. :)


Jennifer28 - May 19

How about drunk ppl? Do they drive you absolutely up the wall? I keep thinking to myself I might not ever drink again if that is the way I act when I do. ;)


nikki_firstimepregnant - May 19

when it comes to drinking before i knew i was pregnant i would make myself a drink and only take a sip of it cuz after that it was just horendous to me. i couldn't do it.


Tjane - May 19

I would just like to add to this thread.... STANGERS THAT TOUCH YOUR STOMACH!!!! or people who comment on your weight, like you arent gonna be aware that you have gained 50 lbs!!!!!!


HannahBaby - May 19

Haha you think that its bad and annoying now wait until people light up in your newborns face!!



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