New Pictures Of My Baby For Dez E M And Those Who Know Me

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KM - January 10

I added some new pics at Aaron's site if you guys are bored and like looking at babies! lol :)


m - January 11

KM, he is so darn adorable!!!! I absolutely LOVE the pic of him "havin a beer, watchin the game". That is too cute! Congrats on such a beautiful baby. You and Dez need to populate the world with beautiful babies! :o) --- By the way, how do you guys make those sites? I'd love to start working on one, so I can show off the 2 I have now, and hopefully a new one in 9-10 months.


Lucky1 - January 11

KM, I think your pictures are so adorable. What a beautiful baby boy. You are trully Blessed!


dez - January 11

KM He is too cute. your pregnant belly looked a lot better then mine, lol. m you just go to and you can sign up free. I learned about it when I first saw KM site. Although KM how do you get those better backrounds and change the sizes of your page text, and get rid of those stupid green dots. Anastacia's is Thanks m for the compliment.


m - January 11

Thanks dez! It's a work in progress. I'm gonna put my scanner to work, and get some pics on there. I'll share when I get it fixed up! I know it's not as fun looking at a 6 year old and a 20 month old, but hey, a mommy's gotta brag. LOL


Lucky1 - January 11

Dez.. She is a cutie, I'm preg with my first so in about 9 months I'll have a site of my own,,,,,,,, :o))


m - January 11

Congrats Lucky1!


Lucky1 - January 11

Thanks m.


Dez - January 11

congrats lucky1!!! when everyone has there sites i want to see. i love lookin at pictures.


KM - January 11

thanks you guys!! :) yes m you should make one I would love to see what your kids look like! its really easy.. I dont know ne thing about making sites lol.Dez, look under backgrounds, they have a bunch of new ones.. and some of them are just patterns I found on the net, saved as a picture, then pasted as a background.We have a digital camera (but a few pics on there are from the scanner) digital camera is the best investment when u have a new baby lol. its sooooo convenient.I have more pics of my bellly at 8 mnths and right before I was due, but its on the camera and we have to get them developped. I'll tell you when I put them up so you can see how big i got at the end lol


Dez - January 11

your funny KM, we have a digatal camera as well, they are great we are in the process of getting a 5 megapixel because we only have a 2 right now. What I was wondering as well was how you changed the display of your page links. I can change them colors but not the size or get the green dots next to the pages off. look at my site and you'll know what im talking.


Dez - January 12

Never mind KM I finally figured it out.


koki - January 12

thanx for the link....i took a look and he is adorable, best wishes and congrat's. x


sharon - January 12

you have a beautiful baby!


E - January 12

Adorable, adorable, adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to have pics to post:)


H - January 12

Hi KM, I just had to check out the pix of your little man. He is adorable. And I must say you look alot like Drew Barrymore. Congratulations on your new family and God bless :o)


m - January 13

I see it too, KM. You do favor Drew! I hope you like her.... if not, I'm just kidding, you don't look a thing like her. LOL



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