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Angie in MI - June 15

New thread. Sorry I haven't been around much this week. I've been running into school so much to close my classroom. Ally is so close to rolling over! I'm so tempted to just give her the tiniest of pushes. Actually, I think its just that she has to figure out how to get her arm out of the way. It should be soon. We'll see!


YC - June 15

Hello everyone. Angie I think it's ok to give her a little nudge. My ped said to do that a little to help them figure it out. Sounds like she will be doing it all by herself in no time. Lynnstress I am glad you are feeling better!!! When I was staying at home I also felt so much better on the days that I got to get a nice shower in the morning and felt even better on the days I got out of the house. I hope your hubby comes around soon. It's the summer so it sounds like it's time to start trying again according to your dr. My db'd step mom had his youngest sister at 40. She's now 49. She is a young 49. Kai is changing every day. Now when she is finished playing with her toys she will crawl over and life one arm up like "pick me up now please"'s the cutest thing ever. She goes to her 6 month appt. on Monday. I am dreading the shots but I can't wait to see how much she weighs and how tall she is !!!


Karen - June 15

Hi all..whew...been over four days since reading posts...having started the new job Monday and travelling for the past few days. So...yes returned to work Monday by heading out to Ottawa for 3 days - just got home earlier today. Hubby and baby girl picked me up at the airport - I couldn't WAIT to see and hold her. At first she ignored me and I began to tear up and then suddenly after I began to sing a little tune for her that only I sing to her...her eyes lit up and big smiles...thank freaking god is all I said. So I took her home - held her for 45 mins and then was back off to work as I still had to put a day of work in as my travel got me home at about 9 a.m. - still plenty of work day left unfortunately. So hubby and babe took me back to the office, hung out for a while and then were on their way. Hubby did incredibly well in my absence..even got stuff done! I was a bit jealous and felt kind of like a failure...he accomplished so much with little one. Wonder how often she got stuck in the carseat..but she seems happy so I ain't complaining! Its a bit of an adjustment...wasn't too sure what my role was when I got home from work. So started supper and am waiting for little one to wake up so I can play and hold her. But I will say this - having adult time was great but I wouldn't trade in my family life for anything. So I'm feeling quite lucky at this point, I can be a mom in the evenings and on weekends, am rea__sured that hubby is being an awesome parent during the day and am able to work. I know its early but I thought the week would be hell and so far..its been quite manageable both physically and emotionally. Thanks everyone for your support in my decision to go back to work early. Everyone sounds like they are doing well. Rans - I actually am from Sioux Lookout!! Small world eh...don't worry time will fly and soon you will be a mom! Oh..gotta go...she's waking and I must be there for when she you ladies soon!


Rans - June 15

Hi all. Karen - wow what a small world, never thought anyone would even know where SLKT was never mind live here! My dh and I love it here. Glad your return to work experience was a good one. I can't wait till I can contribute to the conversations about the development/changes etc of our babes. Its coming so soon! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful weather! BYE


amb - June 15

hey everyone... well ive been trying to catch up from posts and im sure i didnt cover everything!!! YC i cant believe KAI is crawling!! HOLY COW!!! so everyone as you know ella was 6 weeks early and she will be 4 monthes old MONDAY!! im FREAKING out./.. anyhoo she hasnt even tried rolling over.. nothing.... so im going to start cereal tonight.. we'll see how well that goes, im not expecting much but who knows!!! well i started a new cla__s so thats keeping me busy!!! ella slept in her crib all night finally. she wakes up every few hours for her paci andusualyy i bring her to bed with me but i stuck to my guns and she did it!! im still tired lol !!! Karen im so glad the jobs going well so far and i knowall about the adult interaction!!! well gotta run talk to yall later


Angie in MI - June 15

OK LADIES>> I'm freaking out! I had a period from hell.. over two weeks and now no period for about four weeks! My b___bs bigger too.... GOOD LORD!!! I'm scared to death that I'm pregnant again. I'm on the pill... but who knows. Ok............ deep breath! Well... Ally rolled onto her tummy today but couldn't get teh arm out from underneath so she rolled right back over... She's almost there!


YC - June 16

Karen I am soooo glad that work has been such a good experience so far. You will quickly work into a routine and baby and hubby will adjust just fine! Hi Amb...I know....Kai gets into everything now and I think to myself "You aren't supposed to be doing this yet" LOL!!! So glad Ella is in her crib. We haven't mastered that yet. We put her in last night for the first time and she only woke once. So far so good. Angie what pill are you on? It may just be your body adjusting. A couple of the women in my mommy group have had irregular periods and weren't pregnant. Good luck.


Angie in MI - June 16

Ortho Tricyclin. I had a doc appt today anyhow. Doc ordered a blood test. I'll know Monday. He said it would be highly unusal.. I don't know what I'll do!!


YC - June 18

Lynnstress I just read your other post about the "can I be pregnant" questions. I was laughing out loud. Amen Sister!!! I got so sick of reading those that I dont even click on anything in the general questions forum except our thread. And have you visited the infant care forum lately? Drama, drama, drama. So glad we never have that here. Angie I hope that the test is negative. Our bodies have been through a lot over the last year so I am sure it's just those lovely hormones trying to regulate. Let us know.


MeM - June 18

MOrning ladies! Hope everything works out for the best Angie!! I'm on the same birthcontrol and I'm having break through bleeding. Never had it before, dunno if it's just not strong enough now or if it's from being pregnant. Well work has been going pretty good, def. want to find a new job. I"m just worried about all the germs and nasty stuff I can pa__s along to the baby. Chris (db) and I are moving into an apartment complex. Finally I can get out of this apt. the neighbors are just so loud and obnoxious. They're so inconsiderate and they make me feel uncomfortable when I walk out my front door because they're always just sitting outside staring at you. No one works, and my neighbors are very quick to judge others. I'm excited it's three bedroom so we'll have extra room. I should get going tho, should spend time with the little one before work. Bye ladies!


Karen - June 18

Angie - why is taking so long to find out if you are pregnant???? Thought this was a quick test that could be done?? I am just coming off my second period since delivery. I am on the pill - Marvelon...and my period of course was to arrive on Sunday - it showed up Wednesday - imagine my concern! So I know where you are totally - for me I know that having a second baby so early would wreck me - emotionally, financially, and certainly physically. I admire women who become pregnant so soon after and even those women who decide to have additional children - I just don't know that I am there - yet anyways. The adjustment is huge and I love my little girl to death but I wouldn't want to rob her (and this is my view inclusively) of the time - I'm doing this already (again in my view) by going back to work so early. I want to spoil her rotten and give her all the energy I have (which is limited - haha). I don't think I could be the same type of mom with another one on the way so soon - I'm in such transition and learning at this stage in my life. I'm not saying that I won't have a second child but I know I'm not ready right now. If we had become pregnant - I'm not sure how I would have dealt with it! Keep us posted Angie - I'm thinking of you. Thanks to everyone for your words of support (as always) about the return to work. I know we still have lots to work out re: scheduling but if there's a will there is a way. Father's Day has been sweet - Rudy welled up reading his father's day card and when he opened his gift - a Moose print for his "someday" theatre room downstairs. He got up early with Kaelyn and spent some one-one time with her while I slept. Well I just wanted to pop in and say hello...I feel bad that I don't have the time to respond to everyone's news..MeM - congrats on the move by the way...time is running out...gotta to ya later if I can find a minute...take care friends.


Angie in MI - June 19

Hi Ladies.... still don't know. I could have taken a quick test and found out, but to be honest, not knowing right now is better because i don't have to deal with it! I've been nausiated the last few mornings which is scaring the hell out of me, but I hoping its nothing! Mornings have never been a great time of the day for me so it wouldn't be abnormal. Anyhow, I should just call the doctor, get the results and deal with it if I have to, or I could call and find out its ok.... not sure which I'm going with. I really don't konw Karen how I will deal with it! I'm a very highstrung person at times and I simply can't deal with alot of pressure and this would be huge! However, i guess its too late for that now! I do know that if it is negative (fingers crossed), I will be using condoms and birth control at least until it gets regular. Well, I must run, Ally has her 3 month check up today. We just got back from a stroller fitness cla__s. It was a lot of fun! I met some moms in my area and it looks like we will be meeting up during the week on other days than monday. So yeah! THat is what I was hoping for. Anyhow, hope everyone has a good day. I'll let you know what I find out when I get the nerve to call.... or they call me!


lynnstress - June 19

Hey ladies - I've had more than one period since delivery, but I am not keeping track. Just a couple weeks ago I had a day and a half of bleeding, less than two weeks after a full out period! I am not going back on birth control because I'm too old and I smoke. Plus still working on hubby for #2 baby. ** YC, did you read my other question today? I wanted to tell the last two posters thanks for making my point exactly, because there IS a Pregnancy Loss category here. But I'm sure I would only be blasted if I did that. ** I've been visiting with my next door neighbor lately - her daughter is 3 months old, and she watches her cousin's son who is a week older than Jackson. We are trying to coordinate going out for walks, so hopefully that will work for us. I'm still working out 3 days per week too. ** We had my family over for Father's Day yesterday. I made hubby breakfast and then we went Costco and grocery shopping. When he read his father's day card, I cried! Also got him a t-shirt that says "Dad - the man, the myth, the legend." He thought it was pretty funny. ** Jackson fell asleep half way through bottle #2 this morning, so hopefully I'll get all the laundry done while he snoozes.


YC - June 19

Lynnstress where did you get that shirt? Too cute! I want one!


lynnstress - June 19

Got it at Wal-Mart, a few weeks ago. Since Father's Day is already gone, the shirt might be, too!


Angie in MI - June 19

Well I called... It took me until 3 to get the nerve, but praise god, it is negative! They put me on hold while they checked. Some of the longest minutes of my life! Anyhow..... Ally had her 3 month today. She got one shot and screamed for a long time I think more because she was ticked at me than because it hurt! Anyhow, she weighs 14 lbs, 4 oz and is 25 in !!! She is a growing! Anyhow, hope you are loving your job Karen!


miami_loca - June 19

helllo everyone----ive been so busy and havnt been on much lately--i just pop in now and then to read but tonight im actually posting. Dominic is sleeping all night, but lately he dosnt take many daytime naps and if he does, its just for a lil while, then for some reason he startles himself awake, or when i put him down, he wakes himself up. Ill be so glad when that startle reflex goes away. I always feel like im scaring the c___p outta him. Well guys, im about to stop b___stfeeding. Dominic is 3 months old now, and im only doing 1-2 b___stfeedings a day now. Im really sad at the thought of stopping, cuz it makes me feel so close to him, but ive got some issues that need to be addressed, first and foremost the lump in my b___st that i found right after the baby was born. I thought it went down in size but now it feels bigger. When i mentioned it at my postpartum checkup, the NP who saw me told me that it could be b___stfeeding related, like a clogged duct or something, and that it could be adressed after i completly stop b___stfeeding if its still there. I dont really like that answer. What if i wanted to continue for a year? Im not, but still. I kinda feel like a sitting duck just knowing its there and not having it checked. I also havnt got my AF back, and until AF shows up, the docs say i cant get an IUD. They will only insert it if youre on your AF. Im also on meds for hypertension, which they say are safe for pregnancy and BF, but i still feel weird taking it and b___stfeeding. So i guess its about that time. Im still sad though. When did you guys stop BF? Oh, and ive gained 10 lbs from eating and sitting around! I almost choked when i stepped on the freekin scale! I was like what tha hell? I thought BF made you LOSE weight? It did for a while, but its not working anymore. So im def not eating like before anymore. No more Haggen dazs! LOL



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