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Clomid? - March 2

Hi, I am from the UK and am new to this site. I don't want to sound really dumb, but what is Clomid? Can it help you to conceive?


rose - March 2

welcome to this site!!! clomid is a fertility drug that stimulates your ovaries to help you produce eggs, so the answer is yes it helps you conceive!


klm - March 2



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - March 2

Run for your life because everyone here is a total BITCH!!!!!! All they do is rant and rave about nonsence. HA!


New - March 3

Thanks for answers. Do you know how long you need to be ttc before you can use this, or is it readily available anytime? I am having trouble conceiving (my periods are non-existant since coming off the pill), and I wondered what could help me out. Thanks.


kl - March 3

well you need to have periods, perhaps try some natural therapies, use your search engine and key in a few words like menstrual cycle natural regular, it can take awhile for your body to get back to normal after the pill


Belle - March 3

Dear New, naturally your body will produce hormones to stimulate egg growth and egg release. Clomid causes the body to produce these hormones. It is best to wait until your periods are sorted out or rather take another fertility drug, as there are many, that can a__sist in starting your periods.


Hi - March 3



New - March 3

So I guess the best thing to do at the minute is wait a couple of months (this is only our 2nd month ttc). It's just so frustrating, all this waiting around, especially with the symptoms i've been having (unless i'm dreaming these up of course!) I'm just impatient I suppose. Thanks for all advice.


8-) - March 3

Dear New! Just to let you know, when I came off the pill my periods were so light it seemed totally pointless! They lasted only a couple of days and only needed a panty liner! I was very concerned that I wouldn't be able to conceive because of this. My doctor said that as long as my so called periods were regular then I was probably ovulating ( I had a blood test done to confirm this) and that my periods would probably return to normal once I had, had a baby. The pill just mucks up your body basically! I also took a herb called Agnus Castus (for two months) which is very good for PMT. It helps regulate your hormones, it didn't make my periods heavier just regular! I got pregnant in our third month ttc! You can't take Agnus Castus if you are pregnant and if you are ttc then should only take it from day 1 of your cycle through to day 14 (depending on when you ovulate). Sorry to have rambled on a bit, hope this helps in some way. If I were you I would get a blood test done to see if you are ovulating. But don't forget ttc for 2 months is not very long at all! It will probably happen very soon!


marie - March 14

Hi, Im also from the UK. TTC for 2 months is not very long at all. Most Drs will say that you should try for a year before thinking there is problems. My husband and I were trying for a few months then decided to wait a while because of changes at work and cos the pressure was off it happened. I wish you lots of luck and if you need any further help or advice let me know.



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