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A Little Guidance Needed - May 9

I have read quite a few of the posts and do not understand a lot of the abbreviations....but my question is this: We have just begun trying to conceive this month. My last period began on the 27th of April. We bought the ovulation tests and on the 8th of May it said I would begin to in 24-36 hours. So needless to say....we have been having s_x these past 2 days. When would I be able to use a pregnancy test and have it be almost positively accuarate? And one more question...I had read and read about tips for getting pregnant. I have been trying to lay still after intercourse and not getting up to pee for at least 20 minutes...but when I have gotten up to move around....some semen still comes long do I need to sit still ? And is there any other tips that anyone knows about? Thanks in Advance


Jbear - May 10

You can take a test the day your period would have started. Both times I got pregnant, we had s_x right before bed and I fell asleep on my back...maybe it gave the s____n more time to get where it was going? I've also read that you should have s_x every other day when you're trying to conceive, so that his sperm count is replenished. Good luck, and don't stress out if it takes a couple of months.


s - May 10

You can take a test the day after your period would have started like jbear said. If you are anything like me, you will likley notice symptoms before you even take the test but it can be tricky because they often mimick the symptoms of your period....sore b___bs, mild cramps, headaches etc. b___bs were very sore before I knew I was prego, and they just felt different than usual, plus they were getting so big. Good luck with your pregnancy quest!!!!


lilmama - May 10

after s_x, put a pillow under your b___t, it helps the little guys get where they need to be


vanessa - May 10

If you are anything like me... you will not even know the exact day you got pregnant. I always get up to urinate immediately follow intercourse because I suffer from frequent UTIs and I STILL got pregnant last month. My advice is to relax, try not to obsess about it and ENJOY your DH. It really does hapen when you stop thinking so much about it and just enjoy life. I found that waiting until I was almost a week late was the best way to get a test result I knew I could believe. If you test too early, you could get a false negative but if you wait until your period is late - if that postive pops up it's positive! If a negative result comes up - it's probably really negative. At least that's how it was in my ttc experience. Good luck and ENJOY your s_x life!!!! That's the REALLY FUN part! ;)


vanessa - May 10

Sorry.. I forgot you didn't know some of the "language" on this board. DH = Darling Husband and ttc = trying to conceive. :)



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