New Unsure And Kind Of Scared

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jumar - May 12

Ive been reading these forums for a week or so and here's my first post. Im 41 and think I might be pregnant. Im guessing AF means period(?) anyway the past couple of years mine have been short and light and have been like clockwork for years (except 4 days early in Jan 06). Tomorrow I will be 14 days late. Ive been having some symptoms (tired all the time, some lightheadedness, sore nipples, headaches, heartburn, more frequent potty breaks - including the hour before the alarm rings dangit...that NEVER happens...and the past 4 or 5 days frequent nausea. I havent tried the hpt yet nor have I told my guy. We've talked about the possibility and he said he would be a dad again in a heartbeat. Im going to talk to him about it tomorrow. I really didnt think this was in the cards for me and it took a few years to come to terms with that, but now I think maybe I was wrong. Im kind of scared....for it to be true...for it to NOT be true...for the risks with age etc etc. Ive also had mild lower abdominal soreness at times, but after reading a lot in here thats one thing Im NOT scared about :-) Anyway I havent said a word to ANYONE so this felt good. Any advice or thoughts would surely be appreciated!


Olivene - May 12

Light-headedness was my first sign, just before I was late. You might be embarking on a beautiful journey. $1 is not so old these days! Good luck to you. Take a test and let us know!


Erynn21 - May 12

If you're 14 days late you should take a test, the baby needs crucial folic acid in the first few weeks of pregnancy. I had the same fears I knew what the test would say and I was only 4 days late, I am like clockwork. I had "phantom" period type cramps, but they were different, and the having to pee, especially right before my hubby had to get up for work. Take a test. Good luck.


snugglybugglys - May 12

yes yes go take a test! :) My mother in law got pregnant at 43 and she had a perfectly heathy baby girl a few months ago! If you are pregnant this baby is definately meant to be. You said you thought it wasn't in the cards for you? I'm guess you tried for a while or something like that? Good luck! Let us know the results!! :)


kellie - May 12

Take a test!!! If you are two weeks late for AF (Aunt Flo) it should definitely show up on a pregnancy test. If you are not already, you need to be taking vitamins containing Folic Acid, you would be at the exact point in your pregnancy right now where Folic Acid is most crucial to prevent birth defects. Good Luck! If you have a partner that would love to be a Dad again, that is half the battle!!!


Stace - May 12

You definitly should take the test hun and let us know asap. I was told in Oct that I only had a 10% chance of ever havinganother child and that was after 4 years 3 mc and an ectopic. I'm now 20 weeks so never say never. Go pee on that stick hun and good luck to you xxxxxxxx Stace


jumar - May 15

Well I had the talk with my guy and took the test. It took all of about 4 seconds for the 2nd line to show up and there was absolutely no question about the result. It seems a bit surreal. I started taking prenatal vitamins as soon about 2 weeks ago - about the time my period was due. I guess I better start looking for a doc. The queasiness seems a little better the past couple of days - yay :) snugglybugglys - I hadnt really tried, but circ_mstances were that Id not been in any real relationships for quite a while and with the birthdays that kept going by I just figured it meant that it wasnt in the cards. Thanks so much for the responses! I dont suppose anyone out there knows anything about the (east) indian ayruvedic medicine? Specifically herbal supplements? Went to a pulse reading which was facinating and the was recommended several herbal supplements. My impulse is to not take anything like that even though he said it would be good for the baby, but I dont know where to really find out whether things like that are safe or not. Stace congratulations on defying the odds!! :)


kellie - May 15

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!


Erynn21 - May 16

Honestly I wouldn't take any herbal supplements right now being in the first tri, I'd be a bit concerned. You can look this stuff up online, but I looked up an herb today and one site said it was safe for pregnant women and 2 others said it wasn't, my neighbor is an herbalist so I'm going to ask her. You just need to be careful what you take. My test was the same about 5 seconds and I had a faint line, but I was only 4 days late like I said before. Congratulations and take care of yourself.



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