New Years Eve

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shannon - December 30

just wondering if it's okay to drink a glass of champagne while pregnant?


No - December 30

What's the point of drinking if you can't get drunk? It doesn't make you look, or feel any better. Especially being pregnant. I wouldn't even drink one gla__s, and don't plan on it. Why didn't you just call your doctor, and get professional advice that you can trust? You're probably just going to get answers you want to hear here. Like, "I drank occasionally.", or "One gla__s can't hurt." Blahh!


K - December 30

To be honest, I don't recomend it but I know some women -adult, mature women- that said they did have an occasional gla__s of wine. (occa__sional as in very very rarely)


tina - December 30

it's okay to have a gla__s of champagne while pregnant...very much so...ONE gla__s will not hurt anyone.


Melissa - December 31

To "no"....not everyone drinks to get drunk...shannon probably just doesnt want to feel that out on that special night. I dont think a gla__s of wine will do any harm. If you are too paranoid about it Shannon try drinking sparkling cider so you can have that "champagne" kind of feel to it. Some people can be really uptight about this issue...but I doubt one small gla__s in your whole pregnancy will hurt the baby. Good lucka nd have fun!. Just make sure you are the sober driver!.....


Melissa - December 31

I meant to say ..'left out"....


L - December 31

Some women can drink throughout their entire pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. Other women can have one drink or two drinks during their pregnancy and have a child born with FAS and RAD. We really don't know how much alcohol or when the alcohol can have handicapping effects. Seriously, why risk a lifetime of dealing with FAS and RAD for one gla__s of champagne.


Rainey - December 31

It is not probable, L, that FAS will occur because a mother consumes one gla__s of champagne. Give me a break and do a little more research on the subject before speaking. Also, where are you getting this information that one gla__s of champagne has led to a life with FAS?


No - December 31

Oh yeah, I forgot, on these special nights we're 15 again, and have such low self esteem that we don't want to feel left out! And we wouldn't want anyone picking on us for being the only one not drinking, would we??


rl - December 31

I really don't think it is that big a deal for one gla__s I am 35wks and I am opting not to have one cause well I would love to have several and if I can't have more than one I see no point so why bother but if you want just one go for it and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


jb - December 31

I seriously doubt one gla__s of champange will hurt the baby. I plan to hold a gla__s and toast everyone one but not drink it. I havent had a sip of alcohol since i found out I was pregnant. I am now 33 almost 34 weeks so I see no point in drinking any now :o) But seriously you should have asked your doctor or nurse. Mostly like though a small gla__s wont hurt anyone.


MB - December 31

I got a bottle of sparkling red grape juice! I love it! Same thing, just not alcoholic!


Lisa - December 31

We just had New Years Eve and I had half a gla__s of champagne mixed with was good. I don't think there is a problem with it...


seriously... - December 31

one gla__s leading to FAS?...where did that come from. That is related to repeat exposure of excessive alcohol consumption. The big hoo-ha now is that no studies have been done to prove how much alcohol is safe ... and not likely to be done! When you think about it no studies have been done into how much of anything we should consume while pregnant. I really agree that 1-2 standard drinks on the odd occasion is harmless. It's not like your down the pub every night falling off a bar stool!


sye - December 31

there's non alcoholic champagne isn't there?



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