Nick And Jessica Are Done

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random poster - November 24

On Yahoo news it says Nick and Jessica offically called it quits. So sad but she always was giving out marriage advice and was only a newlywed. She was too good for him anyways


Disagree - November 24

She is a fake, a flirt, and so immature. He was WAY to good for her. Its about time he woke up! Her and her sister are all about drama.


who cares - November 25

um this is a pregnancy forum not a Nick and Jessica forum


so? - November 25

I am so sad about this new revelation! Tears are streaming down my face! NOT!!! Does anybody really care anyways? I mean, beside the actual poster of this thread?


What does that have to do with - November 25

When did this turn into a celebrity gossip site? I thought it was supposed to be about pregnancy questions>


J - November 25

Pregnant people can talk about things other than pregnancy once in a while. If you don't like it why did you read the post, it clearly said Nick and Jessica are done on the t_tle? I think Jessica is all about herself, it's sad that they broke up but she is too selfish to be married right now.


who cares - November 25

Its all for the media see it works everyone is talking bout it .


Kris - November 25

They only got married for the publicity, and I wouldn't put it past them to break up for the publicity as well.


um - November 25

Who really cares??


D - November 25

I hate that!!


i know y - November 25

they r too jealous. he was a big flirt and loved strip clubs and she is more successful than him. bad bad match.


Jessica - November 26

Personally I dont really think that they are splitting up. I think that all of this is for publicity. I mean come on, people are talking about them and looking at them more than ever now arent they. And plus they are to a great couple. they compliment each other. If it is over they are both at fault and it is very sad.


nope its true - November 26

they were on access hollywood last night talking about it. they are going to get divoerced because...i cant remember why but they were saying they wanted some privacy to go through the divorce smoothly.


jz - November 26

please don't waste this forum on c___p like you really care? Please get a life.


Well well - November 26

For some of you that were b___hing about the topic of this thread you sure are sticking around to talk about it.


Thread Police - November 26

Subjects not to be talked about: Men, Food, S_x, Sleep, Shopping, Money, Celebrities, Music, Art, And anything NON-PREGNANCY RELATED! After all, we are parents and soon-to-be-parents, therefore our lives are over until our kids are 18. Until then, these other subjects are off limits. a___l, anyone?


Beth S - November 26

ha ha you ladies are funny. personally im glad to see they are done because they annoyed me as a couple



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