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Beccah - July 6

My husband wants to name our son after him, but I don't want to have two Brady's running around!! Can anyone think of a nickname for Brady? I'm thinking maybe Rory?? OH and do you think he'll be made fun of if we give him this name? The Brady Bunch WAS in the 70's but are still well known. What do you think?


JenniferB - July 6

I dont think kids now would think of the Brady Bunch. Brady is such a short name it is hard to come up with a nickname. You hear people using initials for a nickname like PJ, JD, and so on. If your last name starts with M you cant do it, He would need counseling if his parents called him BM. Will he have a middle name? You could use that. Good luck.


Daisy Jean - July 6

Yeh. I would call him by his middle name. Rory? I don't get how that's a nickname for Brady- am I missing something? I like Brady. I have known two. I'm sure the kids will think of the Brady Bunch thing, but as far as it goes- that isn't so bad!


Cindy - July 6

I have a friend Brad whom I call 'Brady' as his nickname *lol.


Heidi - July 6

Marsha Marsha Marsha!!!! Yes, kids still do know the Brady Bunch. It's on Nick at Night all the time. My nephews know them all. Ha ha!


well - July 6

Honestly, even parents of other kids can start the Brady Bunch nickname! All they have to do, is be sitting talking to each other and say something about it within ear-shot of their child, and there you go. Children will use anything, even if they don't know what it means. You wouldn't think someone could make fun of the name Sarah, right? Well, I used to live in St. Pete. And the kids next door heard their parents talking about this event in Sarasota for bingo. I was called Sarasota Bingo until we moved from that neighborhood, and I hated it. None of us (at the time) knew what it meant, but it was used nonetheless. And the BM, sorry, reminds me of a Barium Enema. I wouldn't do that to a child. There are websites that list names and nicknames a__sociated with them. Do a search to see what comes up for Brady and maybe you can find something early on to nip the nickname-calling in the bud.


b - July 6



Beccah - July 6

Thanks everyone. We were thinking of either putting Brady as a first or middle name, and then maybe calling him by his "other" first or middle name... whatever that is. I like the name Rory for a guy and I guess I'm trying too hard. Brady seems like a nickname in itself which makes it hard to come up with something. To Well: I know how kids can be cruel. I was one that was picked on (rebeccah=rebooka... somehow) and I picked on the littler ones. I even came up with a nickname for someone named Sarah: SOS (Stupid old Sarah). I would call her SOS. Seems dumb, but it drove her crazy. LOL she forgave me as we got older though!


Heidi - July 6

My fiance liked Rory too but it reminded me of a name of a guy who was retarded. Sorry. But it did. I can hear the kids call him gory Rory or Rory the Retard or make roaring sounds at him. I just hated that name. Ha ha!


Steph - July 6

Make sure it's not BJ either....that'll cause some issues!!


JenniferB - July 6

BJ is the name of the yellow dinasour on Barney. Thanks for putting that thought in my head. The show was bad enough, now it will never be the same. lol


Beccah - July 6

LOL Steph. I liked Brady Joseph, but I didn't like the initials. Needless to say Brady J-Anything is scratched!


Heidi - July 6

Don't feel bad. My kid's last name will be Johnson so I have to be a little careful myself.


Carliex - January 3

Hi all,

My son is called Brady. And people do refer to Brady bunch but tbh it doesn't bother me as it doesn't seem to matter what you call your baby everyone always seems to refer the name to something.

Also he is called Brady Joe. So has the initials BJ lol I loved it to much to even care hope you decided on a name xx



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